Day 6 violet….

If you are anything like me, you love the colour purple and all its variations! This colour was so hard to photograph that I had to tweak it in gimp (editing software) and I think I have got it as accurate as I could. The skin tone may be a bit off as a result though.

Day 6 violet

How pretty is it, but everything purple or violet is pretty to me. I’ve stamped again over black gel polish with Pueen plate 59. This purple is also another of my own concoctions. I got quite discouraged today trying to photograph this and it made me think “Why on earth am I doing this challenge?” Then in sheer frustration after I had been through every camera setting, I turned to gimp. I don’t use this program very much, as it has soooo much that you can do with it, I find it overwhelming. But I just tinkered with the colour options and success! So I learnt something today….how to use gimp better!! It’s free to download and you can probably do anything with it, if you have the know how. Usually I go to youtube and find a tutorial for what I need to do in gimp.  For a laugh here is the picture I started with…..


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9 responses to “Day 6 violet….

  1. The stamping is perfection!

  2. Claire

    Coucou Michelle !
    Tes vernis sont vraiment beaux, tu sais, surtout quand ils sont photographiés et “gimpés”.
    C’est dingue cette différence entre la dernière photo (j’achète pas le vernis) et la première photo (j’achète tout de suite et en plusieurs exemplaires).
    Ce violet est chaud, lumineux, profond. Il est superbe.

  3. Purple is one of my favorite nailpolish color, but I know how hard it is to capture on photo!

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