Day 7 black and white…

Enough stamping over a black base, although that would have been perfect for today. Predictable gets boring after awhile. So time for some free hand nail art.

Day 7 black and white

I’m pretty disappointed with this, because after I had done it, I realized it looks like zombies!!!! For once I did not want zombies!! They were meant to be flowers!!


See flowers! Not zombies hands sticking up out of the grass! This is why I don’t post too often, the perfectionist in me would have started over. Hmmm I don’t know about this challenge, I’m thinking quality is better than quantity. See you tomorrow if my zombie flowers don’t eat me in the night.

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18 responses to “Day 7 black and white…

  1. I like this manicure 🙂

  2. Your totally right. I thought they were zombie hands coming out of the ground too instead of flowers which is what you were going for.

  3. Annette

    Yr so hard on yourself I love yr zombie flowers:)

  4. so cool – thou it looks a bit more like zombie hands 🙂

  5. Kattbelly

    I thought they were zombie hands too! Esp, the reverse black and white one. sLOL that is so hilarious! But having said that, it’s still a really good mani.

  6. Oh my gosh, such a funny outturn! But they’re cute either way!

  7. it’s a nail with doble personality 😉
    I liked


  8. NIce manicure. I love that you did that accentnail 🙂

  9. Claire

    Coucou Michelle !
    Ecroulée de rire. Morte de rire. Au moins tu es lucide haha ! Au premier coup d’œil, j’ai cru que c’était un cimetière (en plus avec le noir et blanc). Je n’étais pas loin des zombies …
    1000% d’accord avec toi pour qualité vs quantité.

  10. Zombies. SORRY.

    : D

    (This is priceless.)

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