Day 8 metallic….

Well today’s prompt was fun! A had a few ideas and then settled on a metallic skittle. The most gorgeous chrome polish ever, would have to be OPI “Push and Shove”, I love this stuff! I’ve used this as a base on three nails, it appears so very flawless because I have applied it over a layer of gel polish. As you might know “Push and Shove” shows up any imperfection or grooves in your nails, another way around this is to buff your nails.

Day 8 metallic

On the index finger I have applied a tiny piece of chain maille that I made, in a jewellry making phase that I went through. These 2mm rings were too small to be practical and I’ve been meaning to use this piece in nail art for a while now. On the other two fingers I’ve stuck down,with tiny blobs of Seche Vite, watch gears and parts that I got on Ebay. On the ring finger is a black “leather effect” polish that I got in a nail art kit and the most hard core studs! I don’t think you can see in this photo, but they are about 3mm high! So to me this is really Steampunk, we just need the steam!!

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27 responses to “Day 8 metallic….

  1. i love when you use gears!

  2. I’ve never liked chains on nails until I saw this skittle! This mani is awesome! The gears are way cool too. Very steampunk.

  3. These are so cool and edgy! Man, I want to try something like this now.

    • Thanks Lisa, I was thinking if people want watch gears, maybe just ask you local watch repair shop? They might have some bits they don’t need. 🙂

      On 9 September 2014 02:50, Break rules, not nails wrote:


  4. This mani is so cool. I love the chainmaille, I’m so impressed you did that yourself!!!

  5. Very Steampunk, and oh so cool!

  6. I should’ve known you’d stick stuff to your nails for this one 😀 I like the chain mail! And the gears of course 🙂

  7. Love the gears and the chainmail!

  8. These are freaking awesome! So punk and I love it!

  9. This looks amazing! Well done 🙂

  10. wow ! C’est superbe (comme d’habitude ^^) et tellement original !
    Tu as assassiné une montre de grand père pour récupérer tous ces petits rouages délicats ?

  11. Claire

    Coucou Michelle !
    Ce nail art, c’est tellement toi, c’est tellement créatif. Il n’y a que toi pour créer un nail art à partir de ces éléments, pour éviter la vulgarité et qu’en même temps cela soit drôle. Tu es unique. Bravo Michelle, vraiment.

  12. nailcrazy69

    so steam-punk, and so metallic, love it 😀

  13. You know it’s a good mani when your husband sends you a link to check them out! I love it! 🙂

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