Day 15 Delicate…

Well I was just going to stamp over a gradient, but then I thought I would do something more creative. I wanted to try to create the look of marble, (which I have done once before on these nails).

Marble day 15 delicate

I started with a base of white matte polish, over that I smeared some black watercolour paint with my finger. Just enough to take the whiteness away and make it grey and mottled. This sort of helps break it up and helps you imagine the grain of marble running through. Then I applied a few lines of black watercolour and watered it down so it flows across the nail. When it dries it creates the other little lines. It’s hard to explain! I might have to do a tutorial…argh! I’m crap at tutorials!!

I have been wanting to try the water droplet look, using the one stroke technique. So I added a few droplets, because they are delicate too!

Marble waterdrops

This was fun!! I watched a couple of tutorials on you tube first and practised on paper until I had the look right. I sealed the watercolour in place with a matte top coat and painted the droplets in acrylic paint. I don’t know if this mani actually works on not, possibly the drops get lost in the marble. So I’ll have to do drops again, over a plain base I think.


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16 responses to “Day 15 Delicate…

  1. The droplets look really cool! I tried drops months ago and they were a flop – I think it’s time to try again!

  2. These look great and so delicate indeed.

  3. Clarita

    Yes please please do a tutorial! Thank you! Did you use actual watercolor paints?

  4. This is more than amazing! I’m stunned! You’ve acheived a true 3D effect!!! Adore it!

  5. purple_rain

    Really really cool! And yes, you nailed it (har har..), the drops look like they’re just floating on marble.

  6. Wow… You geat out of flowers and hearts in simple and beautiful away 🙂
    very brilliant :*

  7. Claire

    Coucou Michelle !
    Du marbre pour le thème “délicatesse”. Il n’y a que toi pour oser … et pour réussir. Tu expliques très bien pour le dessin des veines de la pierre, sois tranquille. Quant aux gouttelettes ! Quand je les ai vues, j’ai eu envie de poser le doigt dessus. Pour sentir l’eau couler sur le marbre.

  8. OMG this is just amaze-balls !

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