Day 20 Watermarble…

I feel a bit like I’m writing a diary, death by nail art! Or is that just exhaustion and no life due to nail art! I like watermarbles, they are fun, they are pretty and they are what got me suckered into nail art in the first place. Over a nude base, I’ve used Ulta 3 “Blue Marlin”, Sally Hansen “Shining”, Revlon chroma chameleon “Aquamarine”, Loreal “Neon Turquoise” and a clear polish to watermarble with. I wanted areas where it seemed like the natural nail showed through, but it just looks beige! Oh well.

Watermarble day 20

I wanted to let some of the colours blend together in the water, if that was possible. It sort of happened. This mani reminds me of a tartan skirt I have and also the colours of a school uniform, burgundy and blue! Hope you are all still hanging in there with me.

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6 responses to “Day 20 Watermarble…

  1. This is nice! Still need to attempt a water marble myself.

    • Seriously Lisa??!!! Get to it girl. I just found a tutorial today, that says let the polish dry on the water overnight and use it like a decal..brilliant!! 🙂

      On 21 September 2014 01:48, Break rules, not nails wrote:


  2. wow this manicure looks great!

  3. Claire

    Coucou Michelle !
    Du tartan. D’accord. Mais alors du tartan australien, n’est-ce pas ?
    Parce que moi, je vois plutĂ´t pour les deux doigts du haut l’intĂ©rieur d’un coquillage de la Grande Barrière de Corail. Pour les deux doigts du bas, une vue d’avion Ă  très haute altitude : ocĂ©an et dĂ©sert.
    Mais c’est du tartan. D’accord. Dis-moi, tu bois quoi en ce moment ?

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