Day 21 inspired by a colour…

I had no idea what to do for this prompt or even really what it meant. So I chose a simple mani, inspired by the colour blue. Using flocking powder, which I think I bought here and these decals from the born pretty online store.

Inspired by a colour 2

I had a lovely grey to blue gradient going on, to put the decals over and then discovered they need to go over a white base! Use my code ABL91 for 10% off and free worldwide shipping.



Filed under 31 day challenge 2014, Born pretty store, Decal, Flocking powder

5 responses to “Day 21 inspired by a colour…

  1. Those decals are very different and goes well with the blue here.

  2. Claire

    Coucou Michelle !
    Moi aussi, j’ai trouvé le sujet du jour … embarrassant. Mais ouh ! que j’ai envie de passer un doigt sur les ongles avec la flocking powder. Cela doit être tout doux.

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