Day 22 Inspired by a song….

Totally late for this one, wrong day even! I had an idea for a song and then changed it at the last minute. You might know that I like dance music, so instead of being inspired by one song, I took my inspiration from a style of music. This was also another mani on my to-do list! I found this great tutorial and a new way of applying nail art foil, which I have never had much luck with. This method is brilliant and so easy, I did find I needed to use of few coats of polish though.

Inspired by a song 2

After I had applied the green, gold to orange foil, I used Sally Hansen “Nail Shine Miracle” top coat. Over some striping tape I gently sponged black polish, removed the tape and hey presto….lazers! Then I stamped the crowd using Messy Mansion plate MM02. I printed a Ministry of Sound logo on waterslide decal paper and applied that over OPI “Push and Shove”. I love this mani, it would have to be one of my favourites…ever!!

Inspired by a song

It’s one of those ones I never want to take off! Here’s the photo I used as inspiration, can’t wait for the new M.O.S. Annual next month.



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11 responses to “Day 22 Inspired by a song….

  1. Love these! The nail foils look awesome and the scene on the nails looks just like your inspiration too.

  2. The foils look amazing, love it!

  3. Claire

    Coucou Michelle !
    Oh Mon Dieu ! C’est incroyable ! On a l’impression d’y être.
    Et tes explications sont très claires. Pas la mini-vidéo sur Insta. ÇA M’ENERVE ces vidéos, c’est très court et souvent je ne comprends rien et ÇA M’ENERVE !
    Je viens de regarder à nouveau et ton nail art et la photo en-dessous, c’est génial.

    • Yes it is hard sometimes the video on Insta, but I think they can only be 30 secs long. So it is hard to show something in the small time. Merci Claire, bisous or xx 🙂

      2014-09-23 21:51 GMT+10:00 Break rules, not nails :


      • Claire

        Aaah ? Je crois que c’est plutôt 15 secondes. 30 c’est très long tu sais, c’est la durée d’un spot de publicité. Peu importe. C’est trop court et ÇA M’ENERVE. Mais je suis bien contente de les avoir.

  4. nailcrazy69

    wow *.*
    your nails look like a great place to be, awesome manicure 😀

  5. wow your really channeled a rave really well

  6. that’s so nice 🙂

    really looks a balad ^^

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