Day 25 Fashion…

Today’s nails are inspired by the fashion label Emily the Strange. I have done Emily nails once before, last time with a decal. This time I wanted to hand paint her. I used this picture to base Emily on.


First I started with a base of Revlon Red over that I painted a black squiggly line, top and bottom. Then I painted Emily and her cat Sabbath with black and white acrylic paint. Emily has four cats, the crazy cat lady starts young!

Emily matte

I really need to get better brushes and a better light! I thought she would look good matte, but when I added a glossy top coat I think I like glossy better.

Emily glossy

I added gold gems, to match with the Revlon bottle I was holding and then all of a sudden….it reminds me of Jean Luke Picard from Star Trek!!! See what  I mean??!! It’s funny how your mind associates these things!


I hope you’re laughing, because I am!  From Emily to Star Trek…I wonder how many cats they have on The Enterprise?!

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16 responses to “Day 25 Fashion…

  1. Awesome! You really recreated the two characters perfectly here.

  2. Great job. The gloss really makes them pop, and I can see how your mind would bounce to Star Trek.

  3. Wow, these are fantastic!

  4. Oh my gosh love these, Emily looks fantastic!

  5. nailcrazy69

    your Emily is perfect!!! ❤

  6. wow! nice handmade nail art *–*
    I liked Emily matt and glossy… both are so beautiful.
    And really somewhat resembles the uniform of Star Trek 😉


  7. Claire

    Coucou Michelle !
    Emily The Strange. J’adore. C’est toi qui me l’a faite découvrir. Sais-tu qu’à la suite de ton premier nail art sur ce personnage, sur internet j’ai trouvé et acheté (bien sûr) 3 T-shirts ? En premier I want you … Cela me correspond très bien.
    Je préfère la finition matte, je trouve qu’elle va mieux avec Emily et son univers.
    L’association avec Star Trek ? Tu as raison et c’est à mourir de rire.

  8. Fantastic!! I loved the last ‘Emily’ nails that you did and I said I should probably buy something from Emily the Strange considering the fact my name is Emily, but you told me not to be sucked in by the marketing lol (I still don’t own anything by them :p). Perfect art work as always, I think my favourite are the glossy ones 🙂 xx

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