Day 27 Inspired by an artwork…

Hello! This would have to be the prompt I was looking forward to the most, I really enjoy doing artwork inspired manis and have done quite a few of them. I’ll link at the end. Today I chose this expressionist painting by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch called “The Scream”. I saw this painting in Oslo a few years ago and read that Munch heard a scream and saw the sky turn red.


I started by outlining the major shapes in a dirty pink colour and then filled in the colours from there. Working from the background (sky) to the foreground (bridge). As you would with a painting on canvas, putting one plane over the next to help create the illusion of distance.

Artwork Munch

I have painted this with only nail polish and have left it without a top coat to give the brushstrokes more texture. I’ve had to stretch the image out a bit to fit it across four nails and I find it hard to get my fingers to line up neatly! If you are interested here are some of my other artwork manis, Megan DuncansonMirza Zupljanin, Magritte, Goth Mona Lisa, Abigail Larson, Pollack, Monet, Warhol twice, Degas, Kahlo, Van Gogh, Picasso, Seurat and Michelangelo. I am most proud of Dali’s “Persistence of Memory” and Leonardo’s “Mona Lisa” which nearly sent me crossed eyed! Also here is one of my own paintings.

An InLinkz Link-up


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20 responses to “Day 27 Inspired by an artwork…

  1. That’s awesome! You translated the artwork perfectly on the nails.

  2. Perfection! Another beautiful piece of artwork on your nails – I’ve been looking forward to what you’d create!

  3. You know you ‘re as good as these artists ? Or even better! This is what you would call a masterpiece!

    • Thank you so much, but really its alot easier to copy something than to come up with the artwork in the first place!!! I enjoy your blog too Sanne, glad to see we have both managed to keep up! I loved your pattern nails….perfection! 🙂

  4. Kattbelly

    Wow that’s amazing! You are one of the best nail artists I’ve ever seen. Awesome!

  5. Hello, your nails look lovely!
    I think this nail art creation looks really special and I love all the details that you added ❤
    Look forward to see your next manicure 

    Xx Julia

  6. Claire

    Coucou Michelle !
    Voilà où tu es inégalée : la reproduction de tableaux de maître … que l’on reconnaît immédiatement. Que l’on ne me dise pas que c’est facile parce que tu prends des tableaux mondialement connus. C’est vrai. Mais d’autres filles ont essayé et le résultat n’est généralement pas bon du tout.
    Il n’y a pas que toi qui attendait ce prompt : tout le monde.
    Quelle technique, quelle maîtrise dans le détail. Tu réussis même à donner l’aspect des différentes couches de peinture à l’huile. Et pendant le 31DC2014 qui est un challenge de vitesse ! Incroyable, incroyable.

  7. This looks amazing!!! You are so good with artwork nails!

  8. nailcrazy69

    unbelievable *.*
    thumbs up girl 😀

  9. Oh this is one of my favourite paintings, I also love Munch’s The Kiss!

    I would LOVE to see The Scream live, lucky girl!

    You did it WONDERFULLY!

    I’m actually wearing stamped screaming faces on my nails right now, which really remind me of Scream : ) (or The Silence, if one’s a kooky Whovian ; ))

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