Day 28 Inspired by a flag….

Hello, I remember last year that someone (I forget who, sorry) did a pirate flag, so this got me thinking what is a different flag that I can do. The slogan “Swim between the flags” hit me.

Flags 1

In Australia on patrolled surf beaches, we have volunteers who put up red and yellow flags, to signify where it is safe to swim. They chose the spot with least current and the surf life saving club of that beach monitors it and rescues people who get in trouble while swimming. They are highly trained volunteers by the way! Read more about them here.

Flags 3

So I painted a simple, almost abstracted beach scene, with nail polish. I have painted the flags in acrylic paint only because it gives better coverage over the blue than polish.

Flags 2

I believe other countries do this too, such as the UK and USA but I don’t know the name for it there. Perhaps you can tell me? Here is a funny youtube song, which is really quite silly, but educational!



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12 responses to “Day 28 Inspired by a flag….

  1. Awesome flag nails these are! So cool to see a beach scene where there at too.

  2. Claire

    Coucou Michelle !
    Aaaah ! Baywatch, Pamela Anderson, her siliconized breasts which did not move when she ran … I get lost.
    In France we also have beaches Michelle, you know. On the other hand, I didn’t know that they bathed in the sea in UK.
    Soooo, we have lifeguards and flags to swim between too. From May to September, lifeguards are pool lifeguards or members of various army or police’ corps, both perfectly trained to rescue people by the sea.
    Four alternatives :
    #1 – lifeguards and green flags : authorized swimming and enjoy
    #2 – lifeguards and orange flags : authorized swimming but watch out
    #3 – lifeguards and red flags : no swimming, putain no swimming we told you
    #4 – no lifeguards and no flags : keep calm and play Scrabble at home.
    Personally, I never understood the difference between #3 and #4, but well !

    • Ha ha Claire so funny!!! This is how google translates it….

      #3 – lifeguards and red flags : no swimming, putain no swimming we told you #4 – no lifeguards and no flags : keep calm and play Scrabble at home.

      Thanks for your comment. πŸ™‚

      On 29 September 2014 08:17, Break rules, not nails wrote:


      • Claire

        H’m ? Why Google to translate in English what is already in English ? Did I miss anything ? πŸ™‚
        P.S.: j’aime ta plage, il fait si beau et elle est si tranquille

      • Sorry Claire my mistake, sometimes when you answer in French it is already translated in my email. So this time I thought it was French, because it never translates putain, which just makes me laugh more!! I got confused!! Merci!

        On 29 September 2014 20:39, Break rules, not nails wrote:


  3. There are flags in Estonia too: green means it’s safe, yellow to be careful and red on your own will only. Although lifeguards are still out patrolling.
    There are flags here in the UK too, I haven’t paid much attention to them though. Since the sea isn’t so inviting here.

  4. Love these nails! We have the flags here too, I think they work in a similar way to yours πŸ™‚

  5. nailcrazy69

    wish i was there, right now πŸ˜‰
    we have something similar in croatian beaches too πŸ˜€

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