Day 30 Inspired by a tutorial…

Hello, I can see the finish from here! As Halloween is not far away and I loooove zombies I’ve used this tutorial by Robin Moses to create these nails.

robin zombie 2

I mixed up a base colour, like she does in her video, which is a green flesh tint, perfect zombie colour! Then painted the ripped nails in acrylic paint. In a mani like this, I find it hard to stop at the nails, the whole hand has to be zombie-fied!

Robin zombie

So I smeared some mascara around and found an old piece of string…. did I mention I love zombies?! I find them hilarious and so far fetched!!

robin zombie 3



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16 responses to “Day 30 Inspired by a tutorial…

  1. Those are way too cool! I love zombie nails!


  3. Awesome! This is the one time you DON’T want your cuticles looking good, lol!

  4. OMG, so awesome! And really scary. I don’t like Zombies, but i would definitely make some zombie mani 😉

  5. Claire

    Coucou Zombie Michelle !
    Muahahahaha. Toi aussi tu participes au 31DC2014 ?
    J’adore Robin Moses. Ses vidéos sont très gaies, sa table est très vite un vrai bordel, ses doigts pleins de vernis, ses ongles pas manucurés. C’est très vivant, elle me fait mourir de rire. Elle a un talent fou. C’est un très grande dame du nail art. Mais j’en connais une autre. Tu vois de qui je veux parler ?
    Zombie Claire

    P.S.: It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurking in the dark … ‘Cause this is thriiiiiiiiiiiller, thriller night … C’est malin ! je vais fredonner (hurler) la chanson toute la journée

    • Coucou Zombie Claire! Vous etes drole! It is close to midnight ha ha! I think Robin is also funny and so talented, she makes everything look easy. Yes I know the other you mean……MERCI!!!!

      Bisous Zombie Michelle. 🙂

      On 1 October 2014 19:22, Break rules, not nails wrote:


  6. Ahem. Is it strange that I just got a super intense lemming tor recreate this look and wear it out? LOVE this post. ❤

    • Not at all, I’ve worn it for two days now and when I look at it I see how I could make it better! Thank you and have fun! Tag me somewhere so I can see your version 🙂

      On 2 October 2014 00:59, Break rules, not nails wrote:


  7. These are so scary and freaky!

  8. wow You’re so talented,
    I’m just amazed by your nail art quality’s ❤

    Xx julia

  9. Uh, these are mildly gross and hugely awesome.

  10. very nice zoombie nails 🙂

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