Bloody razor…

Today I got some new stamping plates and since it’s nearly Halloween, I had to try out the razor and blood dripping image from BBF plate 02. Which can be found on store envy.

Razor and blood

For the razor blade nails I used Layla Mirror Effect “Black as Ebony” as the base and stamped over with black. This polish is like a dark cousin to OPI “Push and Shove”, its that metallic!  On the blood dripping nails, I started with a black base, stamped the blood in white and then painted over it with Revlon Red polish. This is such a great plate, so many images to choose from.


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15 responses to “Bloody razor…

  1. yééééé trop beau ♥
    j’adore !

  2. purple_rain

    Umm.. I normally love your nail art, but find this one..lacking tact and taste. I know Halloween is supposed to be gory and all, but combining these, ah, “elements”, this design is alluding to self-harm, which is definitely not to be taken lightly.
    I can appreciate that wasn’t your intention, I’m just saying how it is [or can be] coming across..

    • Hmmm, yes I see your point, it can be taken that way. Sorry that was not my intention. Just combined two images on the same plate. Thank you for your honest feedback it’s appreciated. We don’t celebrate Halloween where I live, so maybe its my interpretation of how I think it is?

      On 14 October 2014 07:28, Break rules, not nails wrote:


  3. Creepy, but cool. I like the blood dripping!

  4. And I miss the worning “attention, it has sharp edges”, lol. The old-school razors, can you still find them anywhere?

  5. Fantastic! Haven’t seen Halloween nails like this yet! Love them, so cool x

  6. WOOW!! such amezing! 😀

  7. Claire

    Etonnant nail art, étonnante Michelle. Mail suit pour développer ces quelques mots.

  8. nailcrazy69

    love it, love it, awesome manicure ❤

  9. Woah this is such an awsome design! Absolutely love it!

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