I thought I’d try the “zombie squish technique”, where you paint your nails red, let that dry completely and then paint a skin colour over the top and squish and rip the top layer to look like wrinkled skin. They were meant to look like these nails by Rebecca from Polish etc or at least like these nails by Samantha at Pack A Punch polish. Here are mine…

Gruesome 1

I started with a base of Revlon “Red” over that I used cling wrap to apply a deep cherry red, the colour that ended up on my skin. I wanted to give depth once I’d swished the polish away later.  Then I applied the greenish zombie skin colour, (that I frankened) but it was so sheer that the red showed through. I liked this look though, as it looks like internal bleeding!

Gruesome 2

These are possibly the most disgusting nails I have ever done! But it’s Halloween soon, so I like playing with this macabre  make up look. Know I knew where I wanted to take this! So I added more greenish skin tone and painted in some veins with a thinned down blue polish.

Gruesome 3

This was now a few hours later, so the excess red polish had worn off my skin. I added some matte top coat on the “skin” part of the nail.  Ugh, told you it was gruesome! I had another idea to top it off, even more, but I’ll save that for one day soon 😉

Gruesome 4


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17 responses to “Gruesome….


  2. auuuchhhhh!!!!!! dirty but nice!!

  3. Ugh these are disgusting! Which is why they’re totally awesome 😀

  4. Icequeen81

    wel done 🙂

  5. Eeekkk! These look so realistic. There so disgusting in that awesome way your manicures are.

  6. Looks like my right hand whenever I try to paint my nails.. 😉
    Excellent job! Looks so realistic and gross!

  7. i…i cannot click the like button. These are DISGUSTING. Also awesome.

  8. These are amazing!! You made them look really gory and I love that!

  9. Claire

    Coucou Michelle !
    BEURK ! Mais c’est IMMONDE !!!
    Mais très réaliste parce que moi qui ait des copains zombies, et bien leurs ongles sont identiques. Mais eux ne se lavent pas les mains, alors leurs ongles ressemblent plutôt à la première photo :-))) BEUUUUUUURK !

  10. nailcrazy69

    well done, it really looks yucky 😀

  11. I caught my reflection in the computer screen while I was reading this post – disgusted :DD

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