Gruesome plus flies…

Well I find myself still wearing the same nails as yesterday, kind of glad no one noticed them today too. So I thought I’d go with the idea to gross them out even more and add flies! I’ve seen fly waterslide decals on Ebay, so that’s where I got the idea. These I printed on clear waterslide decal paper.

Gruesome and flies

Over yesterday’s gruesome base I painted about 3 coats of OPI “Skull and Glossbones”, then added the decals. I was a little disappointed as I had left them exposed to the air for about a week, so they were no longer “sticky”. I find you really need to keep decals and the decal paper in an airtight bag. So I had to use them like a stamping decal and stick them down with top coat, hence the red bled through. Back soon and I promise I won’t rehash this mani anymore!


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5 responses to “Gruesome plus flies…

  1. Claire

    Coucou Michelle !
    Alors là, tu es carrément dégueulasse. Des mouches. DES MOUCHES ! Dieu merci, tu dis que tu vas t’arrêter là. Avec ton imagination, j’ose à peine imaginer la prochaine étape … comment ? nooooon ! des asticots ? Au secours, faites quelque chose, je vais vomir :-)))

  2. These are so scary! The look of the nails rotting through is so gruesome.

  3. Oooooh, the torn and rotted flesh tho. That is AWESOME.

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