Witch Mona Lisa…

Hey there! I wanted to post this yesterday, but I was just too tired to complete these nails. Last year for Halloween I did Goth Mona Lisa, so this year I wanted to paint her cousin Witch Mona Lisa. I used this image to make a waterslide decal, by printing the image onto waterslide decal paper. You can read more on how to make your own decals here.


I have no idea who created this version of Leonardo’s classic painting, so I can’t give credit. I love how she is holding a broomstick! The other three nails I’ve painted first with watercolour, but that didn’t seem to be working too well. So then I switched to polish.

Witch Mona Lisa 2

I’ve also painted the “pr0per” Mona Lisa once, you can see her here.


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11 responses to “Witch Mona Lisa…

  1. woooooooow awesome nail art!!! “Despampanante”…Congrats i love all your nail art, big hug from Colombia.

  2. Pretty awesome! I only used water decals for the first time earlier this week and I can definitely understand their popularity now! Also I just LOVE this Halloween-y take on Mona Lisa!

  3. nailcrazy69

    this version of mona lisa is so much cooler than the ‘proper’ one 😀

  4. Soooo creative, looks fantastic x

  5. This is so great!!! Never seen anything like it! 🙂

  6. omg! this is amazing!

  7. Oh woah, AWESOME!

    And the backgrounds are fantastic, as always of course. And yay, natural nails ❤

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