Look who’s back?!! Day 1- Red

HELLO OUT THERE! Yes I’m yelling! I’m not even going to mention “slack blogger” and just dive right into today’s post. So it’s September, first day of Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere and first day of ….. the 31 day challenge! Are you thinking how are you going to pull this off Michelle? Yeah…me too! Well perhaps this is the kick that I need to get me back into doing nail art on a regular basis. While I still follow blogs and instagram accounts, I miss posting my own nails and interacting with you guys. There will be some shameless self promotion as I post some of my own polishes.

Over a base of black gel polish, I’ve stamped with Messy Mansion plate “The Bridal Nail 01” on the ring and middle finger using “Hit the Bottle” stamping polish in “Poison Apple”. This colour is not a true red as in tomato colour but more the deep red crimson colour of an apple.

Day 1 red gloss

On the ring finger I made a decal, so I could reverse the design. The other two fingers are stamped using plate JQ-L12 which I think I bought from Aliexpress. I always struggle with high shine top coats…so I dulled the shine with some Satin finish top coat.

red day 1 matte 1

So expect lots of simple manis and for better photos, that bit I’ve always struggled with the most. Okay better post quick before today is not today anymore!


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11 responses to “Look who’s back?!! Day 1- Red

  1. Claire

    NOOOOOOOOON ! I can’t believe. OH PUTAIN !
    YOU DON’T HAVE TO YELL : it’s going to spread like wildfire and in a few hours the whole blogosphere will be aware.
    Well, I think I need something pretty potent to drink like a couple shots of vodka … or a whole champagne bottle … or both.
    So you decided to stop definitively sleeping ? Good idea.
    Ah Michelle ! you’re above all definitively unique. It’s so good to see you back.
    Bisous, bisous.

  2. Jode Pawsey

    Welcome back stranger. Gr8 to hear from u again 😊 I gave a huge request… Sometime in the future r u able to show ppl like me that don’t know, how to do a decal seeing as tho u seem to be really good at it ? If not That’s OK. I know ur busy… Especially if ur doing a 31 day challenge which I am soo looking forward to seeing 😊

    • Hi Jode, I’m not that good at doing them, they often come out bubbly. There are a gazillion tutorials on you tube if you search “stamping decal”, hope that helps for now. πŸ™‚ x

      On 2 September 2015 at 12:15, Break rules, not nails wrote:


  3. Its so nice to see you back here! Love the vampy nails you created for today’s theme too.

  4. Anne Brooker

    Well done good to see you are back again.

  5. Joanne

    Great to see you back! Can’t wait to see your new designs πŸ™‚

  6. Woohoo! So happy to see you’re back, way to throw yourself in the deep end!

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