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There are a few manis that I’ve done in the past that I’ve wanted to revisit and improve on them. My first punk nails leave alot of room for improvement. I cared or knew little about cleaning up around the cuticles, filing a decent shape with a similar length on each nail and lightboxes.

Punk-a-licious 2

I also wanted much better looking studs, tartan and zippers. The tartan is a nail wrap, which I just haven’t made friends with yet, they crinkle, they rip, they don’t sit flat, ugh. The studs and zipper decals came from Born Pretty store and the anarchy symbol I’ve painted on with a silver striping brush. The thumb is Barry M croc effects over silver, I think by accident I have found a way to turn this polish into Leather Effects….stay tuned!


Thanks for looking!


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Edgar Degas….

Impressionism is one of my favourite art styles and Degas often used my favourite medium, pastels! It was hard to chose a work of his that would translate to nails. I thought this one, “Dancer Tilting” would, but I can’t say I’m too happy with the final result.


I wanted to capture the marks made by the pastels, but with a brush and nail polish this proved quite hard.


On fake nails I started with a bronze base to mimic the undertone of the paper. I then sketched in the dancer and some details in watercolour paint and filled it all in with various coloured nail polishes. After a couple of coats of matte top coat, it was all looking a bit muddy, so I went back in with the watercolour and added details in black, dark brown and white.

Til next time, when Andy Warhol comes to visit…..


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Ancient Maya…

IMG_8797 - Copy

Not many images come to mind for Mayans, but one that did keep coming up in images searches was their calendar. So I don’t really know where I was going with this, the red is for the blood letting and human sacrifice. They did seem to wear some head dresses with colourful feathers and they like gold.Perhaps this theme should be revisited again. And yes I have been taking much better care of my cuticles!!

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May 16, 2013 · 1:10 pm


IMG_8721 - Copy

Hello, today we have ancient Egypt inspired nails. The blue and gold is of course inspired by Tutankhamun’s burial masks. With a stylized lotus lily over the top, I made decals for these.  On looking back striping tape might have been a good idea. The pale blue and red are acrylic paint, with …you guessed it…nail art pen.


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Z is for zombie…

IMG_8469 - Copy

I have been wanting to have zombie nails ever since seeing the Nail Nerd‘s corpse nails, wow! I looked for a couple of other inspirations and followed a tutorial by Beautylab. I think I went slightly overboard with the dark red polish, but I was having so much fun! Also inspired by these ghoulish nails, I did actually paint my nails a pale skin tone and added thin layers of purple and brown acrylic paint. The fingers were made dirty with an old mascara and more brown paint, they got too dirty at one point and I had to clean them up abit! I’m dying to try this again…pun intended!


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Y is for Youtube tutorial…

IMG_8447 - Copy (2)

Inspired by a tutorial on youtube by Renierainyday, and her inspiration was a beautiful old postcard. Its a great tutorial, she makes it easy to draw the complex shape of the swallows.


May 8, 2013 · 11:55 pm

W is for waterspotted…

IMG_8380 - Copy

Every time I have read about OPI “Black Spotted” it has been with great lust, it seems everyone wants this polish, but few will ever have it. Unless you want to spend way too much for my liking to buy it on Ebay, it was only released in some European countries. So I followed this tutorial by cutepolish on youtube to recreate the effect. I love this look, I believe Layla has a similar polish that they call “Bubbly Effect”….one day Layla, one day….


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V is for Voodoo…

IMG_8344 - Copy

I googled some images of Voodoo symbols and dolls. Acrylic greyish paint was used for the doll and silver liner, but using the nib part. Back outside in natural light using the leaf, the lightbox seems so sterile and I’m still getting the hang of it.

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U is for urban…

IMG_8370Drawn with nail art pen and finished with matte top coat. I have built a lightbox to try to achieve better photographic results. Now to figure out how to make the most of it. You may have noticed I was often holding a green leaf, partly for something to hang on to and steady my hand. Partly because I think I have reasonably wrinkly hands. So inside the lightbox  I’ve changed to a dead leaf that I’d found. I like how it looks like an urban map of roads.

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T is for tribal tattoo…


Polish is Color Club “Love ’em, Leave ’em”, stamped with plate A43, brand unknown. My second attempt at stamping, where I’ve patched bits up with a texta, not a good idea, it smudges and the black has a yellowish tinge to it.

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