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Birds of a feather…

As far as I know this design of a feather turning into birds is from a tattoo. A few others have used it as nail art, but this is my design of someone else’s idea.

Birds of a feather

I’ve painted on fake nails with black nail polish and acrylic paint. I haven’t posted much lately, damn work gets in the way of life!


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Hi out there, I’ve been wanting to do Futurama nails for ever, I think I say that about nearly every mani I post! So what better time than for the Lacquer Legion theme this month of Fandom.


I started with a minty green base, by using one coat of Loreal ” Wasabi Hint” and putting a coat of Sally Hansen “Mint Sorbet” over the top. I painted the outline of Fry and Leila in black acrylic paint and filled in the colours with nail polish. I was going to leave it here, but then decided  it would be cool to add some buildings, to look like the opening credits. I did this using plate BM-414 and stamped with Rimmel “Grey Matter”, then Rimmel “Man Overboard” and finished with a deep charcoal no name polish. Stamping the colours from light to dark.  I’m happy with this one, I can tick it off my to do list!


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Marie Antoinette…

I had many ideas for the theme historical, but thought it would be fun to go with Marie Antoinette. I used this picture from the movie for inspiration.


This was a very challenging portrait to paint and it didn’t help that I decided to make the shadows lighter and give it more of a painterly look halfway through! Every time I paint a tiny portrait, I swear its the last!

Marie Antoinette

For the Marie Antoinette nail I started with a base of OPI “Diva of Geneva” and stamped with Essence “Gold Digger” and Messy Mansion plate MM06. Marie is painted with polish, watercolour and acrylic paint. For the other nails, I used the colours from the movie as inspiration and painted decorative Rococo like swirls in leadlighting craft paint! I like the golden swirls, they give the effect I wanted. As for Marie Antoinette…off with her head! Oh wrong movie 😉


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The Lorax…

Hello out there, I’ve been a little absent lately due to a really awesome burn and hence blister on my finger. No one wanted to see that! The lovely ladies at Llama nails a having a book and movie inspired challenge, with the first theme being comedy.


Well Dr. Seuss books are pretty funny and have some great images too.  This little guy is pretty cute and so are the Truffula trees. I’m happy with how these turned out, they are fun and playful with their bright colours.


Everything is painted with nail polish, just the black outlines are acrylic paint. Back soon with a historical theme.



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Green steampunk….

Steampunk is a design I have been wanting to do for ages! I took inspiration from this picture…


I started with two coat of China Glaze “Watermelon Rind”, I then sponged some A England “St. George” lightly over the top and finished with a matte top coat. Next I stamped with China Glaze “Cherish” and plates BM-H16, BM-21, RA-120 and Moyou London explorer collection 17.

Green steampunk

I had bought some tiny watch gears on Ebay ages ago especially for this purpose, so I stuck them on with quick dry top coat, along with some copper coloured craft foil that I had. I have a million watch gears, give or take a thousand, so expect some more Steampunk soon.


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Medieval Manuscript…

Here is another design that I wasn’t happy with the first time around so I have revisited it. See the original nails here.


I have printed  this image below onto clear waterslide decal paper, cut out the sections that I liked and hey presto….manuscript nails.


If you would like to make your own decals, I have a more detailed description in this post. I did discover that the decals lose their stickyness over time or perhaps when exposed to air. More research needed!



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Well today’s nails must be the simplest ever. They have been on my to do list for ages. All I did was download an image of a barcode and print it onto clear waterslide decal paper, (more about the paper in this post.) I painted some fake nails white, applied the decal over the top and sealed with top coat.


I’ve used fake nails because I wanted quite a bit of the lines of the barcode and at the moment my nails are short and in pretty poor condition. The joys of letting your friends practice acrylic on you! I’m using a strengthening treatment called Revitanail Sensitive, so in a few weeks I can tell you if it actually works on not.


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I’ve done this design before for the theme futuristic. The first time around I wanted to stick bits of circuit board to my nails, I mentioned this to a friend and before I knew I was the proud owner of three dead mobile phones. More for my collection!


I gently pried little components off the circuit boards with pliers. I stamped with BM-415 and then stuck on the little pieces randomly with quick dry topcoat (Seche Vite).

Circuit board phone 2

These were fun to make, especially the discovery of the yellowish electronic tape and the tiny little weird piece on the index finger. I dismantled everything I could get out of these phones, they’ve been recycled in a different way.

Circuit board 3



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Rainbow fluff…

Hello, I’m back from holidays. Phew! Back to regular programming. I did these nails awhile back for the theme “Bad hair day”, but decided not to use them. All I’ve done is stuck furry technicolour crazy fabric to fake nails. Not practical, but lots of fun! I had fluff everywhere.

Furry 2


I just had to pose with a bottle!

Furry 3


Miniature Mohawks!

Furry 4


Furry 1



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Greek pottery….

Another quick post today. For the prompt “fun”, I am trying to imitate the look of Greek pottery on my nails. I have done this theme before and spent quite a while hand painting the figures. See this post.

Greek pottery stamping

I started with a base of orange, pale yellow and brown applied with cling film. Over that I stamped with various images from Moyou plate 18 from the Explorer collection and filled in bits here and there with black acrylic paint, so it would look more like pottery. I love this look!


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