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Day 21 inspired by a colour…

I had no idea what to do for this prompt or even really what it meant. So I chose a simple mani, inspired by the colour blue. Using flocking powder, which I think I bought here and these decals from the born pretty online store.

Inspired by a colour 2

I had a lovely grey to blue gradient going on, to put the decals over and then discovered they need to go over a white base! Use my code ABL91 for 10% off and free worldwide shipping.



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Flocking cow…

Where I live we have a cow, which is not that unusual. The cow’s name is “Trina”, she is 20 years old, is quite tame and likes to get out of her paddock and go wandering. She must then be lured home with bananas or bread. At the beginning of summer it was quite dry and she didn’t have much grass to eat, so I started bringing bread from work home for her. Now she associates my car with food and runs up the paddock if my car stops! So if the cow with personality (or is that cowonality?) wasn’t enough, a month or so before Xmas, a deer turns up to hang out with the cow!!


We of course named him Rudolf, discovered that the he was in fact a Canadian Elk, would grow really big and possibly be dangerous! Rudolph alternated between hanging out with Trina or some horses up the road, guess he just wanted company and couldn’t decide where he fitted in. I know that this design/theme has been done before, but they are my Trina the Cow nails.

Flocking cow

I have recently bought some flocking powder (somewhat behind in this trend) and thought it’d be a perfect finish for cow print! The cow image is a vintage image from The Graphics Fairy, which I have made into a decal with my super awesome photocopy water slide decal paper,( printed on the clear paper). More about the paper in this post. Rudolph has since been sedated and taken away to live with the rest of his family that he escaped from. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my cow meets dear story.


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