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Slackest blogger ever!

Hello out there! Oh my gosh how time flies! Do you know I actually try to post once a week?! Ha so much for that, since I have been absent for 2 months now!!! Well thanks to a email from Tumblr I discovered I been blogging for two years! Pfft, more like a year and half! It has gotten to the point where I think the nail art horse has bucked me off and I feel a little anxious about the whole process, as my photography has not improved at all. So I had on this simple galaxy mani, to try to tame that horse…


Then I realized the blog had turned two, which kind of came out of nowhere. I thought it was next month?! So I’ve painted over the top in white acrylic paint a design which hopefully conveys my surprise.

2nd blog birthday

Thanks to “Goose” who kindly sent me a message to see if I was okay. I miss nail art and I miss interacting with all you guys. I shall have to climb back on that horse and hold tight! Any ideas for a blog birthday giveaway? What would you like to see as a prize? Some of my stamping polishes perhaps? I like competitions, any ideas for one? Thanks 🙂



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Merry Xmas….

Hello out there, well despite me moaning that Xmas was a drag, I’ve had a lovely day! Even work was fun! It’s boxing day here but it must still be the 25th somewhere in the world. I did this design a couple of years ago and I’ve always wanted to re-create it and make it better. I’m not even going to link to the original….shudder…rolls eyes…. no clean up, each nail a different length and shape! What was I thinking?!

Neon xmas

Over a white base I sponged a neon gradient using Color Club “Warhol” (pink), Ulta 3 “Tahiti” (orange) and Factorie Polished “Yellow Glow”. Then I painted in the trees, kangaroos and Santa with ink from a nail art pen and a brush.Maybe Santa is heading home after dropping off all the pressies around the world or maybe he’s going on holiday to Australia to beat the Artic cold! Leaving his pine trees behind him. I don’t really have a story for this one. Hope you have all had a great day. 🙂



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Witch Mona Lisa…

Hey there! I wanted to post this yesterday, but I was just too tired to complete these nails. Last year for Halloween I did Goth Mona Lisa, so this year I wanted to paint her cousin Witch Mona Lisa. I used this image to make a waterslide decal, by printing the image onto waterslide decal paper. You can read more on how to make your own decals here.


I have no idea who created this version of Leonardo’s classic painting, so I can’t give credit. I love how she is holding a broomstick! The other three nails I’ve painted first with watercolour, but that didn’t seem to be working too well. So then I switched to polish.

Witch Mona Lisa 2

I’ve also painted the “pr0per” Mona Lisa once, you can see her here.


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Witches dancing…

Happy Halloween everyone! Not that we celebrate it where I live, but it’s such a great theme for nail art. Today I was inspired by this painting by an artist called Annya Kai. I started with a pale blue base and sponged various blues and purple tones getting darker toward the pinky and index finger. Then I top coated and painted in the trees and the witches in black acrylic paint.

Witches dancing

I find it really hard to take photos of scenes like this, my fingers don’t want to sit straight and flat!

Witches dancing sq





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Zombie flowers…

Today I do have another recycled mani and it is zombies! Recently when I did the 31 day challenge, I tried to paint black and white flowers, but they looked more like zombie hands emerging from the grass. So that’s what I’ve turned them into by adding some tombstones and blood to the hands.

Zombie flowers


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Day 28 Inspired by a flag….

Hello, I remember last year that someone (I forget who, sorry) did a pirate flag, so this got me thinking what is a different flag that I can do. The slogan “Swim between the flags” hit me.

Flags 1

In Australia on patrolled surf beaches, we have volunteers who put up red and yellow flags, to signify where it is safe to swim. They chose the spot with least current and the surf life saving club of that beach monitors it and rescues people who get in trouble while swimming. They are highly trained volunteers by the way! Read more about them here.

Flags 3

So I painted a simple, almost abstracted beach scene, with nail polish. I have painted the flags in acrylic paint only because it gives better coverage over the blue than polish.

Flags 2

I believe other countries do this too, such as the UK and USA but I don’t know the name for it there. Perhaps you can tell me? Here is a funny youtube song, which is really quite silly, but educational!



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Day 27 Inspired by an artwork…

Hello! This would have to be the prompt I was looking forward to the most, I really enjoy doing artwork inspired manis and have done quite a few of them. I’ll link at the end. Today I chose this expressionist painting by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch called “The Scream”. I saw this painting in Oslo a few years ago and read that Munch heard a scream and saw the sky turn red.


I started by outlining the major shapes in a dirty pink colour and then filled in the colours from there. Working from the background (sky) to the foreground (bridge). As you would with a painting on canvas, putting one plane over the next to help create the illusion of distance.

Artwork Munch

I have painted this with only nail polish and have left it without a top coat to give the brushstrokes more texture. I’ve had to stretch the image out a bit to fit it across four nails and I find it hard to get my fingers to line up neatly! If you are interested here are some of my other artwork manis, Megan Duncanson, Mirza Zupljanin, Magritte, Goth Mona Lisa, Abigail Larson, Pollack, Monet, Warhol twice, Degas, Kahlo, Van Gogh, Picasso, Seurat and Michelangelo. I am most proud of Dali’s “Persistence of Memory” and Leonardo’s “Mona Lisa” which nearly sent me crossed eyed! Also here is one of my own paintings.

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Day 25 Fashion…

Today’s nails are inspired by the fashion label Emily the Strange. I have done Emily nails once before, last time with a decal. This time I wanted to hand paint her. I used this picture to base Emily on.


First I started with a base of Revlon Red over that I painted a black squiggly line, top and bottom. Then I painted Emily and her cat Sabbath with black and white acrylic paint. Emily has four cats, the crazy cat lady starts young!

Emily matte

I really need to get better brushes and a better light! I thought she would look good matte, but when I added a glossy top coat I think I like glossy better.

Emily glossy

I added gold gems, to match with the Revlon bottle I was holding and then all of a sudden….it reminds me of Jean Luke Picard from Star Trek!!! See what  I mean??!! It’s funny how your mind associates these things!


I hope you’re laughing, because I am!  From Emily to Star Trek…I wonder how many cats they have on The Enterprise?!

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Day 18 half moons…

The prompt of half moons does nothing for me. I searched images of half moon nail art and thought …who came up with this and how do you make it interesting? My newly acquired China Glaze “Too Yacht To Handle” was lying around, so there was my base colour sorted. Then I just played around with a black gel pen and some tear drop diamantes and ended up here.

Day 18 half moons 2

I’m really happy with how these turned out, they were fun and pretty quick really.

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Day 15 Delicate…

Well I was just going to stamp over a gradient, but then I thought I would do something more creative. I wanted to try to create the look of marble, (which I have done once before on these nails).

Marble day 15 delicate

I started with a base of white matte polish, over that I smeared some black watercolour paint with my finger. Just enough to take the whiteness away and make it grey and mottled. This sort of helps break it up and helps you imagine the grain of marble running through. Then I applied a few lines of black watercolour and watered it down so it flows across the nail. When it dries it creates the other little lines. It’s hard to explain! I might have to do a tutorial…argh! I’m crap at tutorials!!

I have been wanting to try the water droplet look, using the one stroke technique. So I added a few droplets, because they are delicate too!

Marble waterdrops

This was fun!! I watched a couple of tutorials on you tube first and practised on paper until I had the look right. I sealed the watercolour in place with a matte top coat and painted the droplets in acrylic paint. I don’t know if this mani actually works on not, possibly the drops get lost in the marble. So I’ll have to do drops again, over a plain base I think.


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