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Lacquer Legion..GLAM!

Well believe it or not I was actually on time for this post, nails done, check.  Photograph, edit and post, fail. Lately my camera and I have been fighting, I really fail to see what it’s problem is. We have nearly always played nicely together, but in the last couple of photo shoots, I’ve come out with yellow tinged fingers, very pink fingers or grey-ish fingers. I’m giving it the finger.

Glam 3

For the prompt of “glam” I thought glitter, glitter and maybe a touch more glitter, with some elegant pink or black swirls. I started with 3 coats of BYS “Glitter Crystal”(a dupe of a Ciate polish I’m sure), I painted some Sinful Colors “Top Me Off” on the tips and a little Barry M “Rose Quartz Glitter” around the cuticle (this is the one I’m holding).

Glam 2

Then I painted some swirls with black acrylic paint and filled them in with Essence “Gold Digger” or a cheap magenta pink glitter. My camera really struggled with capturing the glitter. Any tips on how to photograph glitter, is it tricky, or is it me?

Glam 1

My attempt at a glamorous pose,but you can really see that rainbow sparkle here! When looking for images of “glam” I came across this…. love it! For other lovely glam nails search #LLglam or check out the facebook page.



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Lacquer Legion…lucky

Hello laqueristas, well like usual I was pretty stumped for this month’s prompt. I wouldn’t say I’m a lucky person as such, but I wouldn’t say I’m unlucky either. So then I thought about all the things that I was grateful for in my life, there are a great deal, but none of them screamed nail art. I kept coming back to the happiest time of my life, which was when I worked and lived on Lindeman Island (Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia).  As you can imagine it would be paradise to live on a tropical island with views like this…. Source photo. 


To get to this view was an hour walk through rain forest to reach the highest peak on the island, Mt Oldfield. But what a walk and what a view!! So for 4 years this was my backyard as well as many secluded beaches. What really made it heavenly was my wonderful boyfriend at the time and the adventures we would have kayaking, fishing, camping and exploring. Like anything there were downsides, but I’m going to keep this post positive and not tell you about them! In the end the downsides were why I left.

Lindo 1

This scene would have to be one of my favourites on the island and I’ve based these nails on a few of my own photos, in regards to colour and composition. I’ve painted on fake nails using only nail polish, except for the clouds (watercolour paint) and the black “bullrushes” (nail art pen). The tree/bush is called a grass tree and the black bullrushes are in fact its flowers, they start off covered in small cream flowers and go black over time.

Lindo 2

I did discover that a pale blue holographic polish imitates the beautiful dancing reflections of the sun on the ocean very well.

Lindo 3

I hope you have enjoyed my Lindeman story, it seems almost surreal looking back. I was grateful and lucky to have had this experience, when by chance I went into a job agency searching for work and ended up cooking on an island! I would not change one minute of it. Til next time, may the luck be with you.


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Adoration is this month’s prompt in the Lacquer Legion group. There are so many things that I adore…colour, art, butterflies, nature, birds, old things, the list goes on. While I enjoy hand painted nail art, I also enjoy sticking random things to my nails, so that’s how I have arrived at today’s mani and just stuck butterfly wings to my nails.

This is the male Cairn’s Birdwing butterfly, (Ornithoptera euphorion), who can have a wingspan of up to 12.5 cm, he is by no means small!! Source photo.


Are you thinking, how on earth did I get butterfly wings? The town where I live has a butterfly house, my mum and I visited a few years ago and as we were leaving they gave us a small paper bag with cocoons and pieces of wings inside! I had actually forgotten I had these, but what a find.

Birdwing butterfly 2

I’ve cut pieces up and stuck them onto fake nails, over a coat of black polish, these were actually kind of hard to work with. The wings have pretty strong veins in them to give them their structure. So I had to cut the veins in places to make them sit flat and really press them into the clear top coat. A good couple of coats were needed.

Birdwing butterfly

I must also adore being late, because I am a few days behind on this one!


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The Lacquer Legion, Reinvention….

There is a new fun nail art group called the Lacquer Legion put together by Chalkboard Nails, Work/Play/Polish, Rebecca Likes Nails and The Nailasaurus, this months theme is “Reinvention”. I was pretty stumped for ideas on this, so I searched what came up on pinterest for the word “reinvention”. It seems when you use something for a different purpose than what it was intended for, that’s reinvention. Or when you reinvent a look or yourself.

So what a perfect time to use something I had been saving, a piece of lizard skin…..ew right? But he’s a nice lizard, an Eastern Water Dragon (from the east coast of Australia), he joins me on my dinner break at work most nights and since they shed their skin each year, was kind enough to let me use it!  Hey if he doesn’t want his skin anymore, I’ll have it! Source photo.


You might know that I like sticking things on my nails, cheating maybe, but really is it any different from using flocking powder, studs or glequins? I stuck the skin onto fake nails to achieve a pointed claw shape look and so I wasn’t stuck with lizard skin nails!

Lizard skin 1

So what do you think? I’m hoping lizards are disease free, if not I have Lizard-itis by now! Be sure to check out all the other reinvention manis on the Lacquer Legion facebook page or use the hashtag #LLreinvention, thanks for looking. Hope to see more of you join next month’s challenge if you have missed this one.



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