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Tinsel fingers…

Hello out there! If you have visited me before you might know that I like to stick “things” onto my nails. So this year for a different Xmas mani I thought I’d try tinsel. What a mess!! I got the stuff everywhere cutting it up into little pieces and trying to stick it on ….ooh glitter!

Tinsel fingers 2

Here I’ve used small tinsel and stuck in down into a clear gel polish, which I then cured for a minute or so. Just until the tinsel held. I did manage to “glue” two of my fingers together at one point, that was a scary moment!

tinsel fingers

I’d better take the tinsel off now, before it ends up in someone’s food! Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with one more Xmas mani.



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Ornate pink stamping..

I’m at a loss for a funky titled name for this post. I don’t know about you but I’m sick of Xmas manis!!!!!!! But then again I can’t say I like Xmas too much, I always have to work and its hectic. The roads are busy, the shops are busy, people go a little crazy. If you don’t have lots of family or friends you end up feeling lonely. When asked where my Xmas spirit is, I usually reply…”I drank it!”  Anyway onto to the nails…

Pink ornate 2

For these I stamped with my own pink/magenta (unnamed) polish over a black base using Moyou london plates 07 and 08 from the Fashionista collection. The fleur de lis 3-D nail “stud” is from Born Pretty I think. Stay sane til Xmas!


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Day 23 Inspired by a movie…

Yay two posts in one day is the only way to get back on track! When looking through my movies A Clockwork Orange jumped out and said “Pick me!”

Day 23 inspired by a song 2

At first I was just going to paint the eye on the white nail and leave the others orange. Then I remembered the watch parts I have and kind of chuckled to myself as this is orange with clockwork!! Ha ha I’m so funny! Also when I searched for images sometimes the eye is depicted as a gear, even better, less painting for me! I think I went overboard on the gears though, I forgot that less is more sometimes.


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Day 13 Animal print…

I love animal print, but wanted to do something a little different. So I chose as inspiration, okay I just copied, this tutorial by Candy Glaze. I was so in awe of the photos I saw of this mani, that I just had to recreate it!

Day 13 animal print

Candy Glaze called it dragon’s egg, but I’m just going to go with reptile. Using her tutorial on three fingers, with a dark green base. I painted on ILNP “Reminisce” on the top part of each scale. On the ring finger and thumb, I’ve used two coats of  “Reminisce” and stuck some shed snake skin that I found in the garden on top of it. Cutting around the edges with cuticle nippers and pushing it down in to the polish as I went. I like how the green shimmers through and you can still see the brown colour of the snake skin.

Day 13 animal print 2

I love these nails and surprisingly the drawn scales better than the real scales. That’s another two things to cross off my nail “to-do” list.


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Day 8 metallic….

Well today’s prompt was fun! A had a few ideas and then settled on a metallic skittle. The most gorgeous chrome polish ever, would have to be OPI “Push and Shove”, I love this stuff! I’ve used this as a base on three nails, it appears so very flawless because I have applied it over a layer of gel polish. As you might know “Push and Shove” shows up any imperfection or grooves in your nails, another way around this is to buff your nails.

Day 8 metallic

On the index finger I have applied a tiny piece of chain maille that I made, in a jewellry making phase that I went through. These 2mm rings were too small to be practical and I’ve been meaning to use this piece in nail art for a while now. On the other two fingers I’ve stuck down,with tiny blobs of Seche Vite, watch gears and parts that I got on Ebay. On the ring finger is a black “leather effect” polish that I got in a nail art kit and the most hard core studs! I don’t think you can see in this photo, but they are about 3mm high! So to me this is really Steampunk, we just need the steam!!

An InLinkz Link-up


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Green steampunk….

Steampunk is a design I have been wanting to do for ages! I took inspiration from this picture…


I started with two coat of China Glaze “Watermelon Rind”, I then sponged some A England “St. George” lightly over the top and finished with a matte top coat. Next I stamped with China Glaze “Cherish” and plates BM-H16, BM-21, RA-120 and Moyou London explorer collection 17.

Green steampunk

I had bought some tiny watch gears on Ebay ages ago especially for this purpose, so I stuck them on with quick dry top coat, along with some copper coloured craft foil that I had. I have a million watch gears, give or take a thousand, so expect some more Steampunk soon.


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I’ve done this design before for the theme futuristic. The first time around I wanted to stick bits of circuit board to my nails, I mentioned this to a friend and before I knew I was the proud owner of three dead mobile phones. More for my collection!


I gently pried little components off the circuit boards with pliers. I stamped with BM-415 and then stuck on the little pieces randomly with quick dry topcoat (Seche Vite).

Circuit board phone 2

These were fun to make, especially the discovery of the yellowish electronic tape and the tiny little weird piece on the index finger. I dismantled everything I could get out of these phones, they’ve been recycled in a different way.

Circuit board 3



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Rainbow fluff…

Hello, I’m back from holidays. Phew! Back to regular programming. I did these nails awhile back for the theme “Bad hair day”, but decided not to use them. All I’ve done is stuck furry technicolour crazy fabric to fake nails. Not practical, but lots of fun! I had fluff everywhere.

Furry 2


I just had to pose with a bottle!

Furry 3


Miniature Mohawks!

Furry 4


Furry 1



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Ombre Easter eggs…

Easter is coming!! So in the spirit of sticking stuff to my nails and wanting them to look like Easter eggs, I have stuck Easter egg foil on fake nails. Bet you didn’t see that coming?

Easter egg 4

I wanted a skittle, but when I went through my stash of Easter egg foil, I had a nice gradient piece. I love the spotted Easter eggs with caramel centres, well I love them all really!

Easter egg 2

I have tried to shape the nails to look as egg-like as possible. Happy hunting for eggs and Happy Easter everyone!

Easter egg 1



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Bad hair day…

Recently I entered a nail art competition, the theme being bad hair day. I never really got that brainwave moment where I knew exactly what I wanted to do. So I just played around with a dreadlock of my own from years ago that I had saved for craft purposes. The bottom part was not matted, but loose hair.

Hair 2

I’ve painted fake nails with black polish and then a coat of CNS Copper Shimmer and glued on pieces of hair. My story is that when you have a bad hair day, you try to pin, clip or tie your hair up. In the end get so frustrated that you consider cutting it.

Hair 1

Can’t say I’m overly happy with these nails. If you would like to see the other entries click here, the winner has not be reaveled yet!

Update….I won the favourite category! Diana came first with her amazing look. You can see more of her work here.



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