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Jurassic revisited….

I have done this look before, but it turned out pretty damn average. I just couldn’t get that honey colour of amber looking right. So it’s been on my to revisit list for awhile and has given me a chance to save dead mosquitoes. If you’ve visited me before, you’ll know…. I save dead things, maybe I’m a little bit macabre?

Trapped in amber 2

I’m happy with the amber effect and achieved it by mixing together brown, yellow and orange polish and adding lots of clear. At first I applied two coats and trapped the insects in it. Then I added touches of Nfu-Oh 59 sparingly, which is a dark beer bottle colour with orange flakies. Added some el cheapo orange multi sized glitter and quiet a few layers of top coat, as I’m sure you can see, to help give the glass like look.

Trapped in amber

Not at all practical and most of you will think…”YUCK, that’s just gross!” But I had fun, it was challenging to do and photograph. Emma from Manicurity has also done this look, check her’s out here.




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Futuristic no.2….

Circuit board

Like I can ever just stop at one design! I was actually going to try to get on old circuit board, dismantle it and try to stick bits to my fingernails, but I didn’t have one.  So over a base of green polish, I used a silver nail art pen to draw dots and lines. Then I added a black rectangle to look like a chip and stamped with various numbers and letters that were the right size. Who would have thought there could be a use for these parts of the plates, the manufacturers numbers! To create the look of solder, I used a dotting tool and chrome polish over the dots I’d drawn with silver pen. The more polish I added, the more they looked like solder!


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So here we are at the end of the time periods challenge. I was thinking sleek, minimal and combined that with my love of chrome nails. These are just press on ones from the supermarket and are kind of dull as far as nail art goes, but do look pretty amazing in person. I think they need led lights or lasers coming out of them to be really futuristic!


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1990's grunge

It seems I’ve  been a little absent lately…..well I’m back! 1990’s had me stumped for quite awhile. I looked to fashion for inspiration and then thought, what did I wear then? Grunge…  So this is what I came up with, I had many leather studded belts, a blue flannelette shirt, stockings that I’d painted silver barb wire on and a red dress with skulls all over it. Hang on, I still own all these things and wear them too, well sometimes! The skulls are stickers, cheap $2 ones and I’m still getting the hang of using them. Barb wire is BM323 stamped with Barry M, foil effects, silver. For the ring finger I painted a base of pale blue and made a decal using Mash plate 39, stamped with Kleancolor, metallic yellow. Over that on the same decal I stamped with OPI Russian Navy suede, using Mash plate 50. I really like how this turned out and shall have to try to use the effect again. The pinky has studs pushed into the wet polish.  Thanks for stopping by and see you again tomorrow!


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IMG 1980's

Its lucky the music was good in the eighties, well I think so, because the fashion sure was tragic!!!! What were designers thinking? So for this era I’ve gone for a skittle of 80’s looks, fluorescent pink zebra, “fluoro” paint splatters and acid wash jeans. The jean look is created with Sally Hansen, salon effects nail strips – “Good Genes”.  I was pretty disappointed with this product, it says on the packet to stretch them, but the moment you stretch them they rip and break. It also says “use warm hands for maximum flexibility and stretch”, well maybe that was my problem. This is my first time using such a product, so I have a lot to learn. There were a bargain though, reduced from $15 to $5, I even got some for $2….score!! They did wear quite well, but I doubt up to ten days as claimed, I got two out of them.  Don’t think I can post every second day, I think twice a week is more realistic. Thanks for looking. 



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IMG_9962 - 1970's disco Copy

Hello out there in lacquerland, a trip back in time to the 70’s. For this I started off with a green-gold base colour on fake nails again. Over that I added stripes of different colours, but they were clashing badly…oh how seventies! Then sitting next to me on the table was a box(or 2!) of Kleancolor metallics, that despite being all different colours are very harmonious together.  Once the stripes were done, I added at least 2 different holographic glitter topcoats. I couldn’t seem to draw the people quite small enough, so I used the vodka transfer method. This didn’t work too well either, but enough for me to vaguely see the outline of the dancers and then I filled them in with nail art pen in black.  A topcoat and we’re done….thanks for looking.


Here’s my inspiration, perhaps I should have used neon colours….next time!



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IMG_9802 -  1960's Copy

I love patterns and clothing from the sixties, so I knew straight away what I wanted to do for this theme. The only trouble was narrowing it down to only one pattern! So I was inspired by this dress that I found on Pinterest. Over a white base, I used acrylic paint for the swirly design and finished with a nice thick top coat, which like magic takes all the brush marks away.


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