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Slackest blogger ever!

Hello out there! Oh my gosh how time flies! Do you know I actually try to post once a week?! Ha so much for that, since I have been absent for 2 months now!!! Well thanks to a email from Tumblr I discovered I been blogging for two years! Pfft, more like a year and half! It has gotten to the point where I think the nail art horse has bucked me off and I feel a little anxious about the whole process, as my photography has not improved at all. So I had on this simple galaxy mani, to try to tame that horse…


Then I realized the blog had turned two, which kind of came out of nowhere. I thought it was next month?! So I’ve painted over the top in white acrylic paint a design which hopefully conveys my surprise.

2nd blog birthday

Thanks to “Goose” who kindly sent me a message to see if I was okay. I miss nail art and I miss interacting with all you guys. I shall have to climb back on that horse and hold tight! Any ideas for a blog birthday giveaway? What would you like to see as a prize? Some of my stamping polishes perhaps? I like competitions, any ideas for one? Thanks 🙂



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Hello to all the people in Brazil! Strange thing to say you might think, but since I was featured on Buzzfeed Brazil I’ve had many visitors from that country. One recently asked if I was on Instagram and yes I am. If you would like to follow me my used name is breakrulesnotnails, see you there! More nail art coming soon….promise!

download (1)


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Interview on Nailopolis….

A little while back I was asked if I would like to do an interview for Nailpolis online magazine. Well of course I would! You can read it here…. here . I thought they would edit my answers a little, but its in the same ramble-y format that I ramble in!

Check out the other interviews also, they are an interesting read. I’m looking forward to seeing more interviews by Nailpolish, its nice to get to know the person behind the nails. I love the Nailpolis Museum site also its a great place to look at lots of different styles of nail art.

While I’m posting links….have you seen this??? Anjelah Johnson nail art salon on you tube. I’ll be quoting it all day!


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Thank you…and spam me!

In my short time of blogging, nearly a year now, I have received a few awards. I never seem to get around to accepting them, so today I’m making the time to say…thank you to Craftynail for nominating me for a Shine On award.


Here are the ‘Shine On’ Award rules:

1. Display the award logo to your blog
2. Show appreciation by acknowledging the blogger who nominated you and link back to them in your post
3. Share 7 random, interesting things about yourself
4. Nominate 15 bloggers you admire and would like to pass this award to (making sure to link to their blog in your post)
5. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know

So 7 random things about me…

1. I didn’t learn to swim til I was 18 and then I taught myself. I’m still a pretty poor swimmer and there is no way I would go into the surf!

2.I really like dressing up and if I could I would dress as a pirate, all day, every day!

3. I went to University and studied art, by major was drawing. I never completed the course as my figure drawing was weak and I ended up failing. This put me off art for many years, until I discovered nails!

4. I lived and worked on a tropical island in the Whitsundays for 4 years.

5.I cut my own hair according to the moon, I know, weird right?? But if it can affect tides and plant growth, surely it can affect hair growth. This is a continual science project which I’m yet to decide if it works or not.

6. I am currently studying to be a …. nail tech!!!

7. I love dance music, at the moment Melbourne Bounce. It’s happy and energetic. I also come from Melbourne.

15 blogs in no particular order that I enjoy reading among others are….

1. Lacquerstyle

2. Fingerfood

3.Dani’s Manis

4.The Polished Playground

5. Lady Lacquer

6. Straluanna

7. Coewless

8. Copycat Claws

9. The Adorned Claw

10. Nail Luxxe

11. My Adventures in Nail Art

12. Piggie Luv

13. Lacquer or Leave her

14. The Nailinator

15. Nails by Laynopaul

When I first started blogging I read a post on blogging etiquette, it said don’t spam others. As in leave your blog link when you make a comment, as people have worked hard on their blogs. To hell with that I say! If you would like me and others to check your blog out, then please leave your link below. Maybe you are new to blogging and just want people to stop by, they will visit again if they like what they see. It can be a blog about anything, photography, exercise, cooking, craft. Just tell us what it is you blog about and leave your link!! Hope to discover some new blogs this way, share the love!


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Lilypad Lacquer…”True Blood”

Quite a while ago now I bought a few polishes from Lilypad Lacquer, sadly some still remain in Mt. Untried. I seem to have forgotten about these swatches, saving them for a rainy day.


As you can see “True Blood” is a lovely burgundy holo, I thought it matched well with this unusual plant that I have.


Look at that gorgeous holo! This was 2 coats, in direct sunlight.


Then along comes my little swatching helper to see if I am doing it right….Leila aka the cat!


So there goes my swatching, you win cat because the next thing is she wants to play and starts biting me! Gently, but then we will see real ‘true blood’…ha ha!


Ooh smells like nail polish!


I’m just going to sit here and guard your polish in case that dangerous looking branch should fall on it!! Thanks for your help cat! Lilypad Lacquers can be bought online at their Etsy shop, the shop is closed for a little while due to processing of orders. Nicole does ship overseas and has always answered any queries that I’ve had straight away. I hope she will continue to make polish.


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Vintage Valentine…

I am somewhat fascinated by old things, they tell a story of a different age, an era gone by. I took inspiration from these Victorian/Vintage Valentine’s day cards and made decals using my super awesome waterslide decal paper for photocopiers!!

  swallow-clipart-graphicsfairy012b       vintage-valentines-clipart-graphicsfairy003a      swallow-Image-Graphics-Fairy2

That’s cheating you might think, well its not as easy as it seems. These nails actually took me …hours…. So you find the design you want, the easy part. You then need some kind of editing software so you can get the picture the right size to fit on your nails, very tiny, (the hard part.) I use HP photo creations (which is free to download) and used the 10 x 15cm paper setting size to edit in. Next to do a test print on plain A4 paper to make sure the sizing is right. Tweak the sizes and placements if needed, I try to squeeze in as many designs as possible, more for next time too!

Print on either white decal paper or clear, for this design I chose white. Imagine it as either printing on a white sheet of paper or a clear sheet of plastic when choosing which paper to use. You will either get a solid design or a transparent one. Okay then let the design “dry”, as you would a photo that you print at home. Seal the design for inkjet printers, but not needed for laserjets, I use clear polish. Next to cut out and apply your design as you would a regular waterslide decal.

Vintage Valentine

For these nails I started with a sponged base of aqua, turquoise and pale blue to look like clouds and that distinctive patchy/dotty look that prints of this time had. I then applied the decals and did my best to paint around them to match them to the background, (also a hard part!) I then applied a matte top coat. These nails came out just as I hoped they would, love that decal paper!

I have since entered these nails in the River Island, “We heart nail art blogger challenge” and the prize is lots of shopping money! If you have a Valentine’s mani you would like to enter, there is still time, entries close on February 24.


February 8, 2014 · 11:09 pm

So where have I been….

Naughty me, I have been a slack blogger, but busy in other ways. I am a volunteer with the SES (State Emergency Service), we respond to various different emergency and rescue situations and are the primary response organisation to storms and floods. On November 16 (yes last year) we had hail stones larger than golf balls, but smaller than cricket balls!!!!!  Here is a link to a news report if you are interested. So as a result of that, we had over 600 calls from people needing assistance to do temporary repairs to roofs and skylights. Even for a month or so after as I planned to sit down and paint my nails, there would be another call to adjust a tarpaulin or to secure or check something…somewhere! So why just not paint SES nails I thought. Our uniform is orange (yeah sexy!), the logo is from the sleeve and the checks are on the side of the trucks. 


First I started with a base of white, over that I applied 2 coats of Max Factor “Satsuma”. Then I stamped with Color Club “Harp On It” using Moyou plate, Princess Collection 13. I only used 3 lines of the image but could not get all the squares to come out completely filled. Anyone else having trouble with this too?? I made a decal using my totally awesome photocopy-able decal paper using the above image and the clear decal paper. 


Thanks for looking, I will be back to regular posting, happy new year to you all and may the hail stones and floods stay away! 




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Lust have it!

I was recently contacted by Lust have it! to give my lovely readers a discount. In case you haven’t heard of them, Lust have it! is Australia’s first and largest beauty box subscription company.  Each month they mail out a gorgeous box packed full of 5-6 premium sized beauty samples to their subscribers.

To date over 60 brands have worked with them including BABOR, Molton Brown, L’Oreal, Lancôme to name a few and they have a Facebook community of over  28,000 fans. They have a selection of boxes Bridal, Eco, Fashion and Beauty and the monthly subscrption box. Here is the link to their site and if you use my code you receive a $5 discount. Yay for savings! Considering postage is $10 this means you get the first monthly box for $5, well that’s how I like to think of it! Enjoy!!


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IMG 1980's

Its lucky the music was good in the eighties, well I think so, because the fashion sure was tragic!!!! What were designers thinking? So for this era I’ve gone for a skittle of 80’s looks, fluorescent pink zebra, “fluoro” paint splatters and acid wash jeans. The jean look is created with Sally Hansen, salon effects nail strips – “Good Genes”.  I was pretty disappointed with this product, it says on the packet to stretch them, but the moment you stretch them they rip and break. It also says “use warm hands for maximum flexibility and stretch”, well maybe that was my problem. This is my first time using such a product, so I have a lot to learn. There were a bargain though, reduced from $15 to $5, I even got some for $2….score!! They did wear quite well, but I doubt up to ten days as claimed, I got two out of them.  Don’t think I can post every second day, I think twice a week is more realistic. Thanks for looking. 



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A trip to China…

Today I’m entering a competition by,beauty and the beach 2. The part I’m entering is perfect holiday nails.

IMG_9268 - Copy and thisThese nails are inspired by Chinese silk fabric, which I adore. Over a base of Revlon Red I stamped with OPI Black Cherry Chutney, using plate BM312, which is the cloud/wave pattern. Over that I hand painted in the dragon and other swirls with Barry M foil effects in gold. I used the same gold polish and  plate BM208 to stamp some round Chinese symbols, then I used black acrylic paint and a touch of a deep red on the dragons body.

IMG_9257 -2 Copythis oneIt was hard to show the sheen of silk and the way it drapes. I would love to wear these nails on a holiday to China and I can imagine the locals would like them too.


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