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Day 30 Inspired by a tutorial…

Hello, I can see the finish from here! As Halloween is not far away and I loooove zombies I’ve used this tutorial by Robin Moses to create these nails.

robin zombie 2

I mixed up a base colour, like she does in her video, which is a green flesh tint, perfect zombie colour! Then painted the ripped nails in acrylic paint. In a mani like this, I find it hard to stop at the nails, the whole hand has to be zombie-fied!

Robin zombie

So I smeared some mascara around and found an old piece of string…. did I mention I love zombies?! I find them hilarious and so far fetched!!

robin zombie 3



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Day 29 Inspired by supernatural….

Can’t say I’m all that inspired for this prompt or really feeling in a nail art mood today. So I took the easy way out and made a waterslide decal using this image from Point Blank designs. I really like Sara’s paintings and think she should sell waterslide decals of her work. How cool would that be?

supernatural day 29

I’ve painted the two middle fingers with OPI “My Vampire Is Buff” (how could I choose any other?!) and the two outside fingers with A England “Sleeping Palace”. Over that I’ve stamped with Revlon Red using bundle monster plate BM-416 for the blood splatter pattern.


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Day 26 Inspired by a pattern….

I’ve been wanting to do woodgrain for awhile now and I’m hoping it fits for a pattern. I’ve painted on different wood coloured polishes and dragged a dotting tool through the wet polish to create the grain. On the ring finger I’ve tried to create the look of aged wood.

Day 26 pattern

I think there is lots of room for improvement on this one! So it will have to be revisited some time in the future.



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Day 25 Fashion…

Today’s nails are inspired by the fashion label Emily the Strange. I have done Emily nails once before, last time with a decal. This time I wanted to hand paint her. I used this picture to base Emily on.


First I started with a base of Revlon Red over that I painted a black squiggly line, top and bottom. Then I painted Emily and her cat Sabbath with black and white acrylic paint. Emily has four cats, the crazy cat lady starts young!

Emily matte

I really need to get better brushes and a better light! I thought she would look good matte, but when I added a glossy top coat I think I like glossy better.

Emily glossy

I added gold gems, to match with the Revlon bottle I was holding and then all of a sudden….it reminds me of Jean Luke Picard from Star Trek!!! See what  I mean??!! It’s funny how your mind associates these things!


I hope you’re laughing, because I am!  From Emily to Star Trek…I wonder how many cats they have on The Enterprise?!

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Day 24 Inspired by a book…

Inspired by the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, I made a decal (using printable waterslide decal paper) from this artwork by Sara Bowerstock. You can see more of her work in her Etsy shop, Point Blank Design.

Day 24 inspired by a book

I added to Frankenstein’s head with green and yellow nail polish, to make the design fit the whole nail. The other three nails are painted with OPI “My Vampire Is Buff”, over that I smeared some greyish brown polish to look like old book pages. Then I stamped with Messy Mansion plate MM24. I finished with OPI matte top coat, because you just can’t have shiny book pages! I love the matte look, it even feels like paper! Since making this decal, I have found this image on a stamping plate, it is Sugar Bubbles SB010.

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Day 20 Watermarble…

I feel a bit like I’m writing a diary, death by nail art! Or is that just exhaustion and no life due to nail art! I like watermarbles, they are fun, they are pretty and they are what got me suckered into nail art in the first place. Over a nude base, I’ve used Ulta 3 “Blue Marlin”, Sally Hansen “Shining”, Revlon chroma chameleon “Aquamarine”, Loreal “Neon Turquoise” and a clear polish to watermarble with. I wanted areas where it seemed like the natural nail showed through, but it just looks beige! Oh well.

Watermarble day 20

I wanted to let some of the colours blend together in the water, if that was possible. It sort of happened. This mani reminds me of a tartan skirt I have and also the colours of a school uniform, burgundy and blue! Hope you are all still hanging in there with me.

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Day 19 galaxy…

Late again, but still here, just! I’ve done galaxy nails before, which you can see here and was at a bit of a loss how to make them interesting this time. I thought what is there in space….then I remembered “Pigs in Space” from the Muppet Show, yes I know I’m showing my age!

Galaxy piggy

Over a “regular” galaxy base, I added a decal of Miss Piggy, that I printed onto waterslide decal paper. Read more about decal paper here.

Galaxy piggy 2

Can’t chat today…must paint nails!



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Day 18 half moons…

The prompt of half moons does nothing for me. I searched images of half moon nail art and thought …who came up with this and how do you make it interesting? My newly acquired China Glaze “Too Yacht To Handle” was lying around, so there was my base colour sorted. Then I just played around with a black gel pen and some tear drop diamantes and ended up here.

Day 18 half moons 2

I’m really happy with how these turned out, they were fun and pretty quick really.

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Day 17 Glitter….

Well I’m a whole day late on this one and I blame glitter itself! This is the second try, the first one I scraped, because the design ended up being pretty boring and I just couldn’t get the photos to do it any justice.


I’ve used OPI “My Favourite Ornament”, China Glaze “Passion” on the ring finger and stamped over it with black using BBF plate 24.

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Day 16 Geometric…

Today I have another mani that has been on my to-do list for awhile. I stamped over a cream base (not the OPI I’m holding) in black using Emily De Molly plate EDM03.

Day 16 geometric 2

Then I filled in some of the shapes using the leadlighting technique and a dotting tool, keeping it simple and only using primary colours. I love these nails and they were so easy to create!


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