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Valentine skittle…

Sometimes throughout the day, I see hearts everywhere. Leaves on trees, puddles, a piece of calamari, a splatter, folds in fabric. So why not do a Valentine skittle with a punk, grunge, gothic feel to it.

Valentine skittle

The pinky is a nail wrap, which I have cut a heart shape out of and stuck on, then outlined in gold polish to tie the design together. On the ring finger is a decal that I printed but it didn’t turn out very sharp so I painted over it in a few different tones of red polish. On the middle finger I painted a gothic-ish heart with Barry M fold effects in gold and the heart on the index finger is painted in acrylic paint over the black polish. All were sealed with 2 coats of top coat.


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IMG_9802 -  1960's Copy

I love patterns and clothing from the sixties, so I knew straight away what I wanted to do for this theme. The only trouble was narrowing it down to only one pattern! So I was inspired by this dress that I found on Pinterest. Over a white base, I used acrylic paint for the swirly design and finished with a nice thick top coat, which like magic takes all the brush marks away.


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Ancient Greece…

IMG_8860 - Copy

For once I knew straight away what I wanted to do for Ancient Greece, beautiful orange and black pottery. Inspired from this image of Olympians. I think one guy is about to compete in the long jump, but he also looks like he is raking leaves! Over a base of orange polish, I painted with black acrylic paint. In some areas where I had made a mistake I had to scratch the black paint off, so this probably was not a good choice of medium. Once it is dry you are stuck with it.



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Stone age nails…

IMG_8676 - Copy

My first thoughts for this theme were Flintstones or a cave painting, but others had the same idea. So it was back to the drawing board, so to speak, then it hit me….stone spear tipped nails! But could I pull it off? I needed false nails and long ones, all I could find in my local shops were average length ones. So I bought the longest ones I could find and when I played around with them, found that they fit inside each other, size wise.

So I measured what size for each nail and glued one size smaller inside to make the nail longer. Then I applied at least 2 thick coats of dark grey creme nail polish. When dry I started to cut chunks out of the sides with nail clippers and tried to keep in mind the image of a stone spear tip. I then filed the edges, if you ever file fake nails, do it outside, the dust is horrible. While looking at pictures of spear tips as reference, I painted with acrylic paint lights and darks to imitate where pieces might have been chipped out. Time to apply…the glue supplied with the fake nails seemed like super glue and said would hold for seven days!!! I did not want these babies on for that amount of time, so I put masking tape on my real nails and then glued the fake nails over the top. To complete the look I found some old string and held it in place at the back of each finger with PVA (Elmer’s) glue, only for the time it took to take the photos.

Maybe one day I’ll do a tutorial for this…


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V is for Voodoo…

IMG_8344 - Copy

I googled some images of Voodoo symbols and dolls. Acrylic greyish paint was used for the doll and silver liner, but using the nib part. Back outside in natural light using the leaf, the lightbox seems so sterile and I’m still getting the hang of it.

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