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Because I can…

So at the risk of having my mum ring me everyday for the next week, I’m going to share with you a little secret….. I get depressed, there I’ve said it! Apparently 80% of the population do at some point. When I feel down, I don’t feel like doing anything, but today I made myself do nails, because I know that being creative also makes me happy. So when looking for a plate that appealed to me in my crappy mood, Moyou London Punk collection 04 jumped out at me. Maybe it was the skeleton sticking up its middle finger?!

moyou punk 2

On my middle finger, I’ve used my all time favourite polish OPI “Push and Shove” and stamped over it in black with that naughty skeleton…how rude! On the ring finger I’ve used a black leather effect polish and some seriously dangerous looking studs! The other two fingers are just a coat of black stamped with Essie “No Place Like Chrome” and a gorgeous skull /wallpaper like pattern.  Thanks for looking and mum I feel better today okay. So to all you people that feel down sometimes, seriously doesn’t everyone, remember you are not alone. That doing something that you enjoy, often makes you feel better. Exercise is a great too….*note to self….do more exercise!
























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Hello Lacqueristas, ever since I got OPI “Push and Shove” I have been wanting to do a pink and black watermarble over the top. So what better time than now. 

Chrome watermarble 2

The pink is Pure Ice “Splash” and the clear/pink glitter is Barry M “Rose Quartz glitter”, both of these polishes spread so well, love it when that happens. The black is just a basic black creme, nothing special. 

Chrome watermarble

Back soon with “Graffiti”, I seem to get more behind each day. I just don’t know how anyone can do a whole month of manis and posting everyday!!!! I admire you who can! 



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