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Zombie Bride…

LOOK….I did nails!!!! How could Halloween go past and I not do zombie nails??! Luckily the town where I live had the first ever zombie walk, so a couple of friends and I just had to go! I thought I had an original idea to dress as a zombie bride, but I saw 3 others there, so that was a fail on the originality factor! I had great fun dressing up, making my costume and dripping fake blood everywhere. I wanted my nails to look like I had been ripping flesh open and feeding….

zombie bride

Of course my hands were all bloody on the day, but fake blood stains and I really don’t want to recreate the look and have red stained hands again today….here’s the bloody garter I wore…..

Zombie Bride 2

Here’s what I looked like….death warmed up I hope! (Hi Mum! lol) 


I can’t say I’ll be back soon, posting is pretty spasmodic these days. Miss you guys and being part of the nail art world. X


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Gruesome plus flies…

Well I find myself still wearing the same nails as yesterday, kind of glad no one noticed them today too. So I thought I’d go with the idea to gross them out even more and add flies! I’ve seen fly waterslide decals on Ebay, so that’s where I got the idea. These I printed on clear waterslide decal paper.

Gruesome and flies

Over yesterday’s gruesome base I painted about 3 coats of OPI “Skull and Glossbones”, then added the decals. I was a little disappointed as I had left them exposed to the air for about a week, so they were no longer “sticky”. I find you really need to keep decals and the decal paper in an airtight bag. So I had to use them like a stamping decal and stick them down with top coat, hence the red bled through. Back soon and I promise I won’t rehash this mani anymore!


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I thought I’d try the “zombie squish technique”, where you paint your nails red, let that dry completely and then paint a skin colour over the top and squish and rip the top layer to look like wrinkled skin. They were meant to look like these nails by Rebecca from Polish etc or at least like these nails by Samantha at Pack A Punch polish. Here are mine…

Gruesome 1

I started with a base of Revlon “Red” over that I used cling wrap to apply a deep cherry red, the colour that ended up on my skin. I wanted to give depth once I’d swished the polish away later.  Then I applied the greenish zombie skin colour, (that I frankened) but it was so sheer that the red showed through. I liked this look though, as it looks like internal bleeding!

Gruesome 2

These are possibly the most disgusting nails I have ever done! But it’s Halloween soon, so I like playing with this macabre  make up look. Know I knew where I wanted to take this! So I added more greenish skin tone and painted in some veins with a thinned down blue polish.

Gruesome 3

This was now a few hours later, so the excess red polish had worn off my skin. I added some matte top coat on the “skin” part of the nail.  Ugh, told you it was gruesome! I had another idea to top it off, even more, but I’ll save that for one day soon 😉

Gruesome 4


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