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Chrome Binary…

I have a new love….OPI “Push and Shove”! It’s just amazing, all the swatches you’ve seen, they don’t lie! It’s is the most chromeyest (yes that’s a word!) polish ever!!!! Kathy from More Nail Polish has done a very thorough review, in which she compares it to Layla chrome, top coats it and stamps with it. So please check out her swatches. I have used it today to recreate a look I was never happy with….my technology post.

Chrome Binary 2

I have stamped over the top with BM-415 creating exactly the look which I had in mind. I have always wanted nails that looked like they had been chrome plated, so you can see my excitement at this polish. I agree with Kathy it is hard to apply or so you think, but once it is dry (which is very quickly) it all levels out to the most beautiful shine. When I was experimenting, I did apply top coat to some of the nails later and I could see no noticeable difference to the finish.

Chrome Binary

I also learnt about stamping…..I’ve been doing it wrong! I usually just press lightly down on the image, but with this stamp the middle was not picking up properly. I tried for hours and then I remember seeing a tutorial where the stamper is rolled across the plate. It took me awhile to get the hang off, but when I did, each time the binary code was picked up perfectly! Also check out Copycat Claws post, where she uses “Push and Shove” to create a broken mirror effect….. amazing! I think this polish should be named “Rise and Shine” though.



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This mani did start out being for the theme futuristic. Somewhere along the line I changed my mind and decided that binary code could be used for the technology theme as well. A while back I received the most amazing surprise parcel from the lovely Denise of Dizzy Little Digits, containing none other than Essie, “No Place Like Chrome”!!!! A chrome polish had been on my list of lemmings before I even knew what a lemming was and it doesn’t disappoint, it is just beautiful! For this I tried to use the vodka transfer method, but it just doesn’t work well for me and possibly the chrome polish would not pick up the ink. So I had to write on with nail art pen, its not quite the look I wanted. So maybe I’ll have to revisit this to achieve that printed look and if this actually means something that is purely coincidental!


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