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Day 24 Inspired by a book…

Inspired by the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, I made a decal (using printable waterslide decal paper) from this artwork by Sara Bowerstock. You can see more of her work in her Etsy shop, Point Blank Design.

Day 24 inspired by a book

I added to Frankenstein’s head with green and yellow nail polish, to make the design fit the whole nail. The other three nails are painted with OPI “My Vampire Is Buff”, over that I smeared some greyish brown polish to look like old book pages. Then I stamped with Messy Mansion plate MM24. I finished with OPI matte top coat, because you just can’t have shiny book pages! I love the matte look, it even feels like paper! Since making this decal, I have found this image on a stamping plate, it is Sugar Bubbles SB010.

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Day 14 flowers…

Halfway and still here! Well I love flowers, all of them, even thistle flowers have their own beauty, but somehow I don’t like paintings of flowers. I think it comes down to you just can’t beat the beauty of nature, so very rarely do I see flowers painted that I’m impressed by, but that’s just me. Having said that I found these gorgeous water slide decals on Ebay and now is the perfect time to finally use them.

Day 14 flowers

They were a bit hard to apply because on some of them the clear plastic layer that you peel off before you put them into the water would not come off without taking the flower with it, so I lost about three. This mani was getting a bit flowery so I added some pink acrylic gems to break it up a little. Possibly the problem with flowers is they are so hard to paint realistically and make them look good. Although there are some nail artists that do fantastic flower manis. I’m looking at you Lacqerstyle!

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So where have I been….

Naughty me, I have been a slack blogger, but busy in other ways. I am a volunteer with the SES (State Emergency Service), we respond to various different emergency and rescue situations and are the primary response organisation to storms and floods. On November 16 (yes last year) we had hail stones larger than golf balls, but smaller than cricket balls!!!!!  Here is a link to a news report if you are interested. So as a result of that, we had over 600 calls from people needing assistance to do temporary repairs to roofs and skylights. Even for a month or so after as I planned to sit down and paint my nails, there would be another call to adjust a tarpaulin or to secure or check something…somewhere! So why just not paint SES nails I thought. Our uniform is orange (yeah sexy!), the logo is from the sleeve and the checks are on the side of the trucks. 


First I started with a base of white, over that I applied 2 coats of Max Factor “Satsuma”. Then I stamped with Color Club “Harp On It” using Moyou plate, Princess Collection 13. I only used 3 lines of the image but could not get all the squares to come out completely filled. Anyone else having trouble with this too?? I made a decal using my totally awesome photocopy-able decal paper using the above image and the clear decal paper. 


Thanks for looking, I will be back to regular posting, happy new year to you all and may the hail stones and floods stay away! 




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