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Messy Mansion Mondays featuring MM18…

Hello laquered ladies. For a while now I’ve been wanting to do a brocade fabric look, but then it slips my mind. Well this sort of came out by accident, I got out all the MM plates that appealed to me. Looked at what polishes were on the table and then over 500 little voices I heard China Glaze “Bogie” and Essence – Metal Glam “Gold Digger”…yelling “PICK ME!” Okay so I didn’t have that many polishes out, but they did say to me ” we look nice together”!

MM18 -1

This is stamped using plate MM18¬†and Essence “Gold Digger”. I usually don’t like gold much, but this is a soft warm toned gold almost with a touch of copper. I like the way this has turned out, its very conservative for my tastes, but does look like fabric and is quite elegant too.


Thanks for looking and if you also have some MM plates and would like to join in on Mondays feel free!


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