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Slackest blogger ever!

Hello out there! Oh my gosh how time flies! Do you know I actually try to post once a week?! Ha so much for that, since I have been absent for 2 months now!!! Well thanks to a email from Tumblr I discovered I been blogging for two years! Pfft, more like a year and half! It has gotten to the point where I think the nail art horse has bucked me off and I feel a little anxious about the whole process, as my photography has not improved at all. So I had on this simple galaxy mani, to try to tame that horse…


Then I realized the blog had turned two, which kind of came out of nowhere. I thought it was next month?! So I’ve painted over the top in white acrylic paint a design which hopefully conveys my surprise.

2nd blog birthday

Thanks to “Goose” who kindly sent me a message to see if I was okay. I miss nail art and I miss interacting with all you guys. I shall have to climb back on that horse and hold tight! Any ideas for a blog birthday giveaway? What would you like to see as a prize? Some of my stamping polishes perhaps? I like competitions, any ideas for one? Thanks ūüôā



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Day 19 galaxy…

Late again, but still here, just! I’ve done galaxy nails before, which you can see here¬†and was at a bit of a loss how to make them interesting this time. I thought what is there in space….then I remembered “Pigs in Space” from the Muppet Show, yes I know I’m showing my age!

Galaxy piggy

Over a “regular” galaxy base, I added a decal of Miss Piggy, that I printed onto waterslide decal paper. Read more about decal paper here.

Galaxy piggy 2

Can’t chat today…must paint nails!



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Horsehead Nebula…

Horsehead Nebula

The lovelies at Llama nails now have two challenges going on, I could barely keep up with one! So to mix things up we have a Nerd Challenge, this theme is space and an Art and Artists challenge. It has taken my ages to think of something for space! Galaxies have been done many times before, but when I received Emily de Molly “Dark Crystal” I just had to use it somehow. It is like looking into the night sky in a bottle! I also used about 14 other polishes for this. To create this look I sponged, painted some wisps of gaseous clouds, added touches of glitter and holographic polish.



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