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Zombie Bride…

LOOK….I did nails!!!! How could Halloween go past and I not do zombie nails??! Luckily the town where I live had the first ever zombie walk, so a couple of friends and I just had to go! I thought I had an original idea to dress as a zombie bride, but I saw 3 others there, so that was a fail on the originality factor! I had great fun dressing up, making my costume and dripping fake blood everywhere. I wanted my nails to look like I had been ripping flesh open and feeding….

zombie bride

Of course my hands were all bloody on the day, but fake blood stains and I really don’t want to recreate the look and have red stained hands again today….here’s the bloody garter I wore…..

Zombie Bride 2

Here’s what I looked like….death warmed up I hope! (Hi Mum! lol) 


I can’t say I’ll be back soon, posting is pretty spasmodic these days. Miss you guys and being part of the nail art world. X


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Well today’s theme is Monsters in the crumpets Halloween challenge, or it was yesterday. Straight away I knew I wanted my monster to have claws, like a werewolf and that’s where this was headed. I cut and shaped nice big long claws out of fake nails, then I drew fine black lines on them with nail art pen. I sealed that with matte top coat and then painted the underside of the nail in a pale lemon yellow, but this just wasn’t yellowy and claw like enough. So I then smeared over yellow acrylic paint with my finger so only a thin layer would be left. I was thinking of a turkey we have at work which has great big long claws! Then I painted some white acrylic paint at the base of each nail. Now it was too white, so working at the kitchen sink (as you do!) I spied the green kitchen scourer and gently scraped some of the white off again….perfect!!!  Another coat of matte top coat and the nails were done.

Claw 2

So then to be a werewolf I needed fur, I was planning on just stroking the cat with one hand and have glue ready on the other hand!  In my craft/nail art stash lurked some snake skin that I had found in the garden. I have been meaning to put it on my nails, but never seem to get around to it. So how about I just see if I can stick it on my skin and be some weird made-up clawed reptilian beast??!!


Claw 3


Yes it works, you can stick snake skin to your hand and its even quite comfortable as I’m still wearing it as I type this, it flexes with my fingers nicely. I’m feeling a bit like the creature from the black lagoon right now! I ripped the skin up and stuck pieces on with PVA (Elmer’s) glue, I tried to apply fur, but it don’t go to well. So I dabbed brown acrylic paint with a q-tip over the bare skin that remained, applying it with the q-tip helped mimic the scales in the skin and blended the whole look together well.

Claw 1

Hope you have enjoyed my snake, clawed talons. They were fun to create and to try to trick the cat, that there was a snake in the house, but she is way too smart for that! I wonder how much fun its going to be to remove the snake skin?!


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