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Witch Mona Lisa…

Hey there! I wanted to post this yesterday, but I was just too tired to complete these nails. Last year for Halloween I did Goth Mona Lisa, so this year I wanted to paint her cousin Witch Mona Lisa. I used this image to make a waterslide decal, by printing the image onto waterslide decal paper. You can read more on how to make your own decals here.


I have no idea who created this version of Leonardo’s classic painting, so I can’t give credit. I love how she is holding a broomstick! The other three nails I’ve painted first with watercolour, but that didn’t seem to be working too well. So then I switched to polish.

Witch Mona Lisa 2

I’ve also painted the “pr0per” Mona Lisa once, you can see her here.


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Witches dancing…

Happy Halloween everyone! Not that we celebrate it where I live, but it’s such a great theme for nail art. Today I was inspired by this painting by an artist called Annya Kai. I started with a pale blue base and sponged various blues and purple tones getting darker toward the pinky and index finger. Then I top coated and painted in the trees and the witches in black acrylic paint.

Witches dancing

I find it really hard to take photos of scenes like this, my fingers don’t want to sit straight and flat!

Witches dancing sq





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Day 27 Inspired by an artwork…

Hello! This would have to be the prompt I was looking forward to the most, I really enjoy doing artwork inspired manis and have done quite a few of them. I’ll link at the end. Today I chose this expressionist painting by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch called “The Scream”. I saw this painting in Oslo a few years ago and read that Munch heard a scream and saw the sky turn red.


I started by outlining the major shapes in a dirty pink colour and then filled in the colours from there. Working from the background (sky) to the foreground (bridge). As you would with a painting on canvas, putting one plane over the next to help create the illusion of distance.

Artwork Munch

I have painted this with only nail polish and have left it without a top coat to give the brushstrokes more texture. I’ve had to stretch the image out a bit to fit it across four nails and I find it hard to get my fingers to line up neatly! If you are interested here are some of my other artwork manis, Megan DuncansonMirza Zupljanin, Magritte, Goth Mona Lisa, Abigail Larson, Pollack, Monet, Warhol twice, Degas, Kahlo, Van Gogh, Picasso, Seurat and Michelangelo. I am most proud of Dali’s “Persistence of Memory” and Leonardo’s “Mona Lisa” which nearly sent me crossed eyed! Also here is one of my own paintings.

An InLinkz Link-up


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Day 25 Fashion…

Today’s nails are inspired by the fashion label Emily the Strange. I have done Emily nails once before, last time with a decal. This time I wanted to hand paint her. I used this picture to base Emily on.


First I started with a base of Revlon Red over that I painted a black squiggly line, top and bottom. Then I painted Emily and her cat Sabbath with black and white acrylic paint. Emily has four cats, the crazy cat lady starts young!

Emily matte

I really need to get better brushes and a better light! I thought she would look good matte, but when I added a glossy top coat I think I like glossy better.

Emily glossy

I added gold gems, to match with the Revlon bottle I was holding and then all of a sudden….it reminds me of Jean Luke Picard from Star Trek!!! See what  I mean??!! It’s funny how your mind associates these things!


I hope you’re laughing, because I am!  From Emily to Star Trek…I wonder how many cats they have on The Enterprise?!

An InLinkz Link-up



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Lacquer Legion…lucky

Hello laqueristas, well like usual I was pretty stumped for this month’s prompt. I wouldn’t say I’m a lucky person as such, but I wouldn’t say I’m unlucky either. So then I thought about all the things that I was grateful for in my life, there are a great deal, but none of them screamed nail art. I kept coming back to the happiest time of my life, which was when I worked and lived on Lindeman Island (Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia).  As you can imagine it would be paradise to live on a tropical island with views like this…. Source photo. 


To get to this view was an hour walk through rain forest to reach the highest peak on the island, Mt Oldfield. But what a walk and what a view!! So for 4 years this was my backyard as well as many secluded beaches. What really made it heavenly was my wonderful boyfriend at the time and the adventures we would have kayaking, fishing, camping and exploring. Like anything there were downsides, but I’m going to keep this post positive and not tell you about them! In the end the downsides were why I left.

Lindo 1

This scene would have to be one of my favourites on the island and I’ve based these nails on a few of my own photos, in regards to colour and composition. I’ve painted on fake nails using only nail polish, except for the clouds (watercolour paint) and the black “bullrushes” (nail art pen). The tree/bush is called a grass tree and the black bullrushes are in fact its flowers, they start off covered in small cream flowers and go black over time.

Lindo 2

I did discover that a pale blue holographic polish imitates the beautiful dancing reflections of the sun on the ocean very well.

Lindo 3

I hope you have enjoyed my Lindeman story, it seems almost surreal looking back. I was grateful and lucky to have had this experience, when by chance I went into a job agency searching for work and ended up cooking on an island! I would not change one minute of it. Til next time, may the luck be with you.


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This challenge is very challenging! So many posts, so little time! I took inspiration from this painting by Megan Duncanson called “Home On The Hill”.


I love the swirling colours, the shapes, the lines, its a great playful image and it was fun to paint on nails. For this design, I have mixed together half watercolour paint and half acrylic paint. This was to get the properties of both paints, the acrylic flows nicely and is quite opaque, but once its dry cannot be re-wet. Whereas the watercolour paint can be re-moistened when it is dry.

Abstract 2

This design is painted on fake nails, over a base of white matte polish. I find if your base is high gloss then the paint doesn’t want to stick. You can see more of Megan’s work on her facebook page or her Etsy store. Back soon with “watercolour”.


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Rene Magritte…

Yay a new challenge group called Nail-Art-A-Go-Go (organised by Missy from Gnarly Gnails) have been doing an art themed challenge in February, I’m always late to the party and am going to join them for the last week…Art movements. Today’s theme is Surrealism, I was going to cheat and use my Dali nails, but that’s not really a challenge is it? So I have picked the Belgian artist Magritte’s (1898-1967) work called “Décalcomanie” painted in 1966.


I thought this would be kind of easy, but it turned out much trickier than I thought. Maybe because I only used nail polish and am out of practise, not having done any painting in a while.


Unfortunately I was too impatient and smudged them a little with top coat, check out what all the other Polish Passionistas have done for this theme in the links below. Next up is oils, texture, brushstokes….oh what fun!


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Valentine skittle…

Sometimes throughout the day, I see hearts everywhere. Leaves on trees, puddles, a piece of calamari, a splatter, folds in fabric. So why not do a Valentine skittle with a punk, grunge, gothic feel to it.

Valentine skittle

The pinky is a nail wrap, which I have cut a heart shape out of and stuck on, then outlined in gold polish to tie the design together. On the ring finger is a decal that I printed but it didn’t turn out very sharp so I painted over it in a few different tones of red polish. On the middle finger I painted a gothic-ish heart with Barry M fold effects in gold and the heart on the index finger is painted in acrylic paint over the black polish. All were sealed with 2 coats of top coat.


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Salvador Dali…

Hello out there in lacquer-land, when I think of Dali this painting called “The Persistence of Memory” jumps to mind.


Once again I have created a step by step collage of these nails, except that I got carried away and forgot to take photos. How much better is this one, luckily I discovered some photo editing software on my computer! S.40770.1380638060.77efe452-7154-42e5-b71c-fd264767275c.collageprintspah_0_A4_0_0_0_2

The only part that is painted with nail polish in the final nails is the dark brown area, the rest is watercolour. Which dries nearly as quickly as polish, so is also a pain to work with sometimes. 

Dali close up

I’m pretty happy with how these turned out, when I thought about recreating this painting I was thinking it would be too hard and detailed. I’ve changed the composition to fit the nails better, but I don’t think Dali would mind and it is Surrealism after all!

Dali 2

Thanks for looking, next up is Jackson Pollock, til next time.


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Game Of Thrones…

Next up in the Nerd Challenge is another tv show that I’ve never seen, but it does look visually exciting and to be set in Medieval times or at least with a Medieval feel to it. I did try to paint the Coat of Arms of each family, but painting a tiny little lion just looked crappy. An image that kept popping up in searches was of a wolf, I really liked the one with blood splattered like claw marks across it.


I had already shaped fake nails to echo the shapes of the coat of arms, so these fitted nicely to represent the shape of the claws as well, bonus! First I painted a base of OPI “My Boyfriend Scales Walls” and then sponged Revlon “Silver” (a mid grey) sparingly in small patches over the top and also some white. Next with nail art pen I drew in the wolf and with Revlon “Red” splattered claw marks across it. You might be wondering how did I manage to get the splatter to go where I wanted it??? I know from previous attempts how far the splatter will fall and in some places I’ve extended the jagged blobby line with a fine brush. A few blobs here and there with a dotting tool and I dragged the polish around abit. A thick coat of China Glaze “Fast Forward” and we’re done! Thanks for looking, til next time….poppets…arrrr!

Game Of Thrones



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