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This mani did start out being for the theme futuristic. Somewhere along the line I changed my mind and decided that binary code could be used for the technology theme as well. A while back I received the most amazing surprise parcel from the lovely Denise of Dizzy Little Digits, containing none other than Essie, “No Place Like Chrome”!!!! A chrome polish had been on my list of lemmings before I even knew what a lemming was and it doesn’t disappoint, it is just beautiful! For this I tried to use the vodka transfer method, but it just doesn’t work well for me and possibly the chrome polish would not pick up the ink. So I had to write on with nail art pen, its not quite the look I wanted. So maybe I’ll have to revisit this to achieve that printed look and if this actually means something that is purely coincidental!


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IMG_9962 - 1970's disco Copy

Hello out there in lacquerland, a trip back in time to the 70’s. For this I started off with a green-gold base colour on fake nails again. Over that I added stripes of different colours, but they were clashing badly…oh how seventies! Then sitting next to me on the table was a box(or 2!) of Kleancolor metallics, that despite being all different colours are very harmonious together.  Once the stripes were done, I added at least 2 different holographic glitter topcoats. I couldn’t seem to draw the people quite small enough, so I used the vodka transfer method. This didn’t work too well either, but enough for me to vaguely see the outline of the dancers and then I filled them in with nail art pen in black.  A topcoat and we’re done….thanks for looking.


Here’s my inspiration, perhaps I should have used neon colours….next time!



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IMG_8721 - Copy

Hello, today we have ancient Egypt inspired nails. The blue and gold is of course inspired by Tutankhamun’s burial masks. With a stylized lotus lily over the top, I made decals for these.  On looking back striping tape might have been a good idea. The pale blue and red are acrylic paint, with …you guessed it…nail art pen.


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U is for urban…

IMG_8370Drawn with nail art pen and finished with matte top coat. I have built a lightbox to try to achieve better photographic results. Now to figure out how to make the most of it. You may have noticed I was often holding a green leaf, partly for something to hang on to and steady my hand. Partly because I think I have reasonably wrinkly hands. So inside the lightbox  I’ve changed to a dead leaf that I’d found. I like how it looks like an urban map of roads.

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Q is for Quantum Mechanics…

IMG_8083 (2)This is called the Schrodinger Equation, inspired by this site. Nail art pen again!

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O is for owl ombre…

IMG_7970 According to yahoo answers, ombre is a French term that means shaded. With colours graduating from light to dark. Gee I love my nail art pen, don’t I? It was perfect for creating the jagged tree. What a fantastic Barry M polish I found in my stash, Rose Quartz Glitter, with tiny glitters and large hexagonal ones too.

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N is for neon noel…


Trying to portray a hot Aussie Xmas, I used white polish underneath the neon yellow and pink to make them really stand out and seem hot.  The kangaroos look matte because there is no top coat, by the time I had finished this,  it was time to take it off and go to work. This mani was way too bright and in your face to wear out anyway!


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H is for hieroglyphics…

hieroglyphicsWhen I first discovered Llama nails they were on “H” already. My first mani of this was ok, but the photos were not good at all. So I’ve re-done this one and I’m glad to say my photography skills are improving all the time, especially since I found the white balance function on my camera!
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May 1, 2013 · 3:58 pm