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Day 29 Inspired by supernatural….

Can’t say I’m all that inspired for this prompt or really feeling in a nail art mood today. So I took the easy way out and made a waterslide decal using this image from Point Blank designs. I really like Sara’s paintings and think she should sell waterslide decals of her work. How cool would that be?

supernatural day 29

I’ve painted the two middle fingers with OPI “My Vampire Is Buff” (how could I choose any other?!) and the two outside fingers with A England “Sleeping Palace”. Over that I’ve stamped with Revlon Red using bundle monster plate BM-416 for the blood splatter pattern.


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Day 24 Inspired by a book…

Inspired by the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, I made a decal (using printable waterslide decal paper) from this artwork by Sara Bowerstock. You can see more of her work in her Etsy shop, Point Blank Design.

Day 24 inspired by a book

I added to Frankenstein’s head with green and yellow nail polish, to make the design fit the whole nail. The other three nails are painted with OPI “My Vampire Is Buff”, over that I smeared some greyish brown polish to look like old book pages. Then I stamped with Messy Mansion plate MM24. I finished with OPI matte top coat, because you just can’t have shiny book pages! I love the matte look, it even feels like paper! Since making this decal, I have found this image on a stamping plate, it is Sugar Bubbles SB010.

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Day 22 Inspired by a song….

Totally late for this one, wrong day even! I had an idea for a song and then changed it at the last minute. You might know that I like dance music, so instead of being inspired by one song, I took my inspiration from a style of music. This was also another mani on my to-do list! I found this great tutorial and a new way of applying nail art foil, which I have never had much luck with. This method is brilliant and so easy, I did find I needed to use of few coats of polish though.

Inspired by a song 2

After I had applied the green, gold to orange foil, I used Sally Hansen “Nail Shine Miracle” top coat. Over some striping tape I gently sponged black polish, removed the tape and hey presto….lazers! Then I stamped the crowd using Messy Mansion plate MM02. I printed a Ministry of Sound logo on waterslide decal paper and applied that over OPI “Push and Shove”. I love this mani, it would have to be one of my favourites…ever!!

Inspired by a song

It’s one of those ones I never want to take off! Here’s the photo I used as inspiration, can’t wait for the new M.O.S. Annual next month.



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Day 16 Geometric…

Today I have another mani that has been on my to-do list for awhile. I stamped over a cream base (not the OPI I’m holding) in black using Emily De Molly plate EDM03.

Day 16 geometric 2

Then I filled in some of the shapes using the leadlighting technique and a dotting tool, keeping it simple and only using primary colours. I love these nails and they were so easy to create!


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Day 6 violet….

If you are anything like me, you love the colour purple and all its variations! This colour was so hard to photograph that I had to tweak it in gimp (editing software) and I think I have got it as accurate as I could. The skin tone may be a bit off as a result though.

Day 6 violet

How pretty is it, but everything purple or violet is pretty to me. I’ve stamped again over black gel polish with Pueen plate 59. This purple is also another of my own concoctions. I got quite discouraged today trying to photograph this and it made me think “Why on earth am I doing this challenge?” Then in sheer frustration after I had been through every camera setting, I turned to gimp. I don’t use this program very much, as it has soooo much that you can do with it, I find it overwhelming. But I just tinkered with the colour options and success! So I learnt something today….how to use gimp better!! It’s free to download and you can probably do anything with it, if you have the know how. Usually I go to youtube and find a tutorial for what I need to do in gimp.  For a laugh here is the picture I started with…..


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Day 5 blue…

So I’m hoping that my posts are variations on a theme and not getting boring, because today its more stamping over a black gel base. Here I’ve used Pueen plate 55 and 2 different shades of blue that I made. This is a little project I’ve been working on lately, to make stamping polishes. Especially bright colours over black, the challenge is a good excuse for me to try them out.

Day 5 blue

They don’t have names yet, I was thinking of calling the paler blue on the ring finger “Cyan-ide”, but sometimes my warped sense of humour is not funny to others. I blame my dad and his silly jokes! 🙂 Over the stamping is one coat of China Glaze “Fast Forward” topcoat.

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Day 4 green…

Hello out there! I’m loving my new black gel nails, not only can I wear polish to work, I can stamp a different design over the top each day and create a different look! How am I so late to the party on this one?! For today’s prompt I have stamped with Pueen plate 56 and a green polish that I have made. It would have been better if the design was wider on this plate, you don’t get much to work with.

Green day 4

Not only am I using more untried plates, but I seem to be bonding with my camera better.  A routine seems to be developing and I hope to see you all at the end!

Green day 4 square



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Day 3 yellow…

Still here! I have decided to try something new, gel polish! This is my first time using a gel polish (which has the consistency of honey and must be cured under a uv or led light). Here I’m using Bluesky “black” and have stamped over it with yellow, using Pueen plate 51 from the stamping buffet set.

Yellow day 3

A friend said this looked gold, but it is in fact …..yellow!! I’m so happy to see all the other lovely ladies who’s blogs I follow joining in the challenge, we are in this together girls!


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Day 2 orange…

When I think about orange, Greek pottery springs to mind. This design I’ve done twice before, once handpainted and once stamped. I’m using the stamping plates from Moyou London explorer collection, plate 18 that I didn’t stamp with last time.

Greek pottery orange 3

I started with a base of Max Factor “Satsuma” and using the cling film technique added Essence “Happy” and Loreal 805 (a brown/gold colour). After stamping I applied a matte top coat.

Orange greek pottery 1

The stamp I’ve used on the thumb, despite being on Suki plate 06, has always looked Greek to me. Back tomorrow with yellow.

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Come Little Children…

Inspired by the theme “Thriller”, I found this interesting and macabre looking book cover while searching for images.


So finally my dodgy cuticle is nearly healed and I got to paint on my non-dominant hand and not use fake nails! I started with a sideways gradient (starting on the index finger) of OPI “Russian Navy, suede”, China Glaze “Eyes Like Sapphires”, and Tips and Toes “19” which is a pale sky blue. Then white and using the same colours again, but this time going from light to dark and leaving out the OPI on the pinky.

Thriller book cover

I stamped the leaf design with China Glaze “Bahamian Escape” using plate Pueen 55, from the buffet collection. For the decorative arabesque style image I made a stamping decal (on the stamper), using plate QA90, I don’t know who makes these, but I bought mine at Born Pretty. I drew in the black lines with a gel ink pen, no way I can paint that straight and even with a brush! I painted the silhouette of the lady in black acrylic paint, cut the decal into pieces and placed them around her to look like the wrought iron doorway. I noticed after taking the photos that I gave her quite big boobies! All the more children to nuture!


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