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Zombie Bride…

LOOK….I did nails!!!! How could Halloween go past and I not do zombie nails??! Luckily the town where I live had the first ever zombie walk, so a couple of friends and I just had to go! I thought I had an original idea to dress as a zombie bride, but I saw 3 others there, so that was a fail on the originality factor! I had great fun dressing up, making my costume and dripping fake blood everywhere. I wanted my nails to look like I had been ripping flesh open and feeding….

zombie bride

Of course my hands were all bloody on the day, but fake blood stains and I really don’t want to recreate the look and have red stained hands again today….here’s the bloody garter I wore…..

Zombie Bride 2

Here’s what I looked like….death warmed up I hope! (Hi Mum! lol) 


I can’t say I’ll be back soon, posting is pretty spasmodic these days. Miss you guys and being part of the nail art world. X


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Walking dead…

If you watch the tv show The Walking Dead, you will be familiar with the fence around the jail that keeps the “walkers” out. I’ve tried to re-create that look by using this plate from BBF for the zombies, Mash-41 for the fence and Moyou plate 08 from the Biker collection for the barb wire. I started with a base of dappled grays and blues, then stamped over it with black and grays.

Walking dead

Have you ever noticed that I think in nearly every jail/fence scene it is overcast? I noticed this the other day and also when they kill lots of zombies, why isn’t there a massive pile of dead zombie bodies? But there is never a pile of bodies!


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Zombie flowers…

Today I do have another recycled mani and it is zombies! Recently when I did the 31 day challenge, I tried to paint black and white flowers, but they looked more like zombie hands emerging from the grass. So that’s what I’ve turned them into by adding some tombstones and blood to the hands.

Zombie flowers


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Gruesome plus flies…

Well I find myself still wearing the same nails as yesterday, kind of glad no one noticed them today too. So I thought I’d go with the idea to gross them out even more and add flies! I’ve seen fly waterslide decals on Ebay, so that’s where I got the idea. These I printed on clear waterslide decal paper.

Gruesome and flies

Over yesterday’s gruesome base I painted about 3 coats of OPI “Skull and Glossbones”, then added the decals. I was a little disappointed as I had left them exposed to the air for about a week, so they were no longer “sticky”. I find you really need to keep decals and the decal paper in an airtight bag. So I had to use them like a stamping decal and stick them down with top coat, hence the red bled through. Back soon and I promise I won’t rehash this mani anymore!


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I thought I’d try the “zombie squish technique”, where you paint your nails red, let that dry completely and then paint a skin colour over the top and squish and rip the top layer to look like wrinkled skin. They were meant to look like these nails by Rebecca from Polish etc or at least like these nails by Samantha at Pack A Punch polish. Here are mine…

Gruesome 1

I started with a base of Revlon “Red” over that I used cling wrap to apply a deep cherry red, the colour that ended up on my skin. I wanted to give depth once I’d swished the polish away later.  Then I applied the greenish zombie skin colour, (that I frankened) but it was so sheer that the red showed through. I liked this look though, as it looks like internal bleeding!

Gruesome 2

These are possibly the most disgusting nails I have ever done! But it’s Halloween soon, so I like playing with this macabre  make up look. Know I knew where I wanted to take this! So I added more greenish skin tone and painted in some veins with a thinned down blue polish.

Gruesome 3

This was now a few hours later, so the excess red polish had worn off my skin. I added some matte top coat on the “skin” part of the nail.  Ugh, told you it was gruesome! I had another idea to top it off, even more, but I’ll save that for one day soon 😉

Gruesome 4


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Day 30 Inspired by a tutorial…

Hello, I can see the finish from here! As Halloween is not far away and I loooove zombies I’ve used this tutorial by Robin Moses to create these nails.

robin zombie 2

I mixed up a base colour, like she does in her video, which is a green flesh tint, perfect zombie colour! Then painted the ripped nails in acrylic paint. In a mani like this, I find it hard to stop at the nails, the whole hand has to be zombie-fied!

Robin zombie

So I smeared some mascara around and found an old piece of string…. did I mention I love zombies?! I find them hilarious and so far fetched!!

robin zombie 3



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Torn flesh…..

I’ve been watching The Walking Dead lately, in one episode the undead meet a “walker” and to find out if it has eaten recently they look under its nails for human skin! Ewwww! So this is what inspired these nails. A zombie like hand that has flesh under its nails!!

Torn flesh

I sponged a gradient of greys and green on my nails, over that I painted blood drips. I made fake skin by painting PVA (Elmers) glue on the palm of my hand, once that was dry I painted over it in skin coloured polish and peeled it off. Ripping up tiny pieces, I then stuck them onto the nail tips with the same colour polish. I smeared some white make up pencil on my fingers and some old mascara. Not sure about this one, maybe I’m all zombied out? Thanks for looking, bye.


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Ever since I saw a tutorial for corpse nails on the Nail Nerd’s blog, I have been wanting to try them and what better time than now! I was thinking how to tie this in to Halloween and after just watching The Walking Dead the other day, came up with the idea that the hand could be on an infected zombie bitten body and about to return from the dead at any moment!


I wanted to take the Nail Nerd’s idea and little further and make a corpse hand as well, so firstly I drew over my veins with blue eye liner. Then I mixed some white acrylic paint and make up foundation together and applied that to my skin with a make up sponge in a dabbing motion. I found once the acrylic paint is half dry it comes off again, so its best to start at one place (say the thumb) and work your way to the other side (pinky) and you don’t have to be super quick, but you need to get the paint on and keep moving. It probably took me a few minutes to cover my whole hand. I did have to wash it all off and start again.

Infected close up

I followed the Nail Nerd’s photos, but I don’t have any of the same colours, so I started with a base of OPI “My Boyfriend Scales Walls”, a nice corpse grey! I added pale blue, which did get lost and some bruised blood, warm grey tones. The tips are OPI  “Every Month Is Oktoberfest” which has such nice bruised purple undertones.

Infected close up 2

Thanks for looking, I’m off to watch 28 Weeks Later for more inspiration! Did I mention I really like Halloween??


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Zombie 3

Gruesome?! My mission is accomplished then! I didn’t really know where I was going with this theme, so I looked up a couple of tutorials on youtube, where a girl makes it look like she has a nail through her finger. Another one shows how to make it look like your nail has been broken and is about to fall off.  Another image that came up in searches ,was of nails that had been sewn together.  I then bought some cheapo thin fake nails, got together all the blood and bruising coloured polishes, some thin black wire and started to play. I ripped, glued,punched holes, stitched and smeared polish randomly. When looking for a nail or something to puncture with I found I had some rusty old needles in my polish supplies box and what could be more fitting than to have one sticking out of a nail. The colours on my fingers are make up pencils and for once I didn’t try to hide the unsightly scar on my middle finger, but accentuate it. 

Zombie 1


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Z is for zombie…

IMG_8469 - Copy

I have been wanting to have zombie nails ever since seeing the Nail Nerd‘s corpse nails, wow! I looked for a couple of other inspirations and followed a tutorial by Beautylab. I think I went slightly overboard with the dark red polish, but I was having so much fun! Also inspired by these ghoulish nails, I did actually paint my nails a pale skin tone and added thin layers of purple and brown acrylic paint. The fingers were made dirty with an old mascara and more brown paint, they got too dirty at one point and I had to clean them up abit! I’m dying to try this again…pun intended!


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