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Zombie Bride…

LOOK….I did nails!!!! How could Halloween go past and I not do zombie nails??! Luckily the town where I live had the first ever zombie walk, so a couple of friends and I just had to go! I thought I had an original idea to dress as a zombie bride, but I saw 3 others there, so that was a fail on the originality factor! I had great fun dressing up, making my costume and dripping fake blood everywhere. I wanted my nails to look like I had been ripping flesh open and feeding….

zombie bride

Of course my hands were all bloody on the day, but fake blood stains and I really don’t want to recreate the look and have red stained hands again today….here’s the bloody garter I wore…..

Zombie Bride 2

Here’s what I looked like….death warmed up I hope! (Hi Mum! lol) 


I can’t say I’ll be back soon, posting is pretty spasmodic these days. Miss you guys and being part of the nail art world. X


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Gruesome plus flies…

Well I find myself still wearing the same nails as yesterday, kind of glad no one noticed them today too. So I thought I’d go with the idea to gross them out even more and add flies! I’ve seen fly waterslide decals on Ebay, so that’s where I got the idea. These I printed on clear waterslide decal paper.

Gruesome and flies

Over yesterday’s gruesome base I painted about 3 coats of OPI “Skull and Glossbones”, then added the decals. I was a little disappointed as I had left them exposed to the air for about a week, so they were no longer “sticky”. I find you really need to keep decals and the decal paper in an airtight bag. So I had to use them like a stamping decal and stick them down with top coat, hence the red bled through. Back soon and I promise I won’t rehash this mani anymore!


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Hey Witches, when looking for inspiration for spooky Halloween looks on you tube I came across this creepy unzipped face make up tutorial….ugh…by beautifulyouworld.com.


What a fantastic job this girl does with lots of different gory make up looks and she always says “Hello beautiful!” which makes me laugh. So I thought I’d try to recreate this look on nails, I like the contrast between the “normal” pretty face and the bloody unzipped part.

Unzipped 1

I started with some fake nails, painted in OPI “My Vampire Is Buff” to mock that lovely natural skin tone look. Then I applied some zipper water slide decals that I bought from Born Pretty online store. These were really easy to use and for $2….why didn’t I buy more??? I applied a top coat to seal them in place and then carefully cut the fake nails, along the edge of the zipper using nail clippers. I painted the part of my finger nail that was going to be exposed, a deep red and added black and Revlon Red using cling (saran) wrap. This was a perfect way to apply the polish, it gave texture and depth. Once I had stuck the fake nails on, I applied some lip pencil and purple eyeliner sparingly and also smudged some old black mascara around.

Unzipped 2

I had been saving on old piece of lamb bone just for this occasion and only noticed after I had taken the photos that the marrow is much the same colour as the exposed flesh part of my nails. Awesome! Thanks for looking.






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Blood and gore…..

Always late, I am! I had a design in mind that just wouldn’t come together, so it was back to the drawing board or perhaps the ideas board. I thought what could be more bloody and gory than nails that looked like they either had been ripped off or were falling off??? Eww, I’m making myself cringe, the pain, the agony, the horror! So here they are… 

Bloody 3

I created this look by getting some cheap and crappy nearly transparent fake nails. I wanted it to look like my nails were falling off at the nail bed and still attached at the tip. Through this kind of trauma, surely there would be alot of bruising. So I painted the underside of each nail very lightly with a deep reddish purple and a bluish purple, just smeared it on really. Also some deep red where the nail would still be attached. I then drew in some bruising on the fingers where the nails would be detaching from, in purple eyeliner and burgundy lip pencil. Then I applied some nail glue to the tip of each nail (about where the french tip is) and held that part onto the nail, but not pressing the whole nail down entirely. Just enough so the tip held and the base of the fake nail was not attached to the nail bed.  

Bloody 4

Hopefully you can see that in this photo, that around the cuticle is a gap. I made some fake blood using corn syrup and food dye, although I think it is a little too red. Maybe that is a good thing, this look is a little too gruesome for me to want to make it too realistic. I want people to know this is just for fun!! Using a darkish shade of blood a painted it around and under each fake nail on top of the cuticle and let it run and drip. 

Bloody 2

Then I added a lighter shade of fake blood and did the same. It seemed to lack that really bloody gruesome look, so I added some Revlon Red nail polish on my skin and just randomly around on the nail also, ewww!! Perfect, gross and stomach churning! Like always I had fun creating these!

Bloody nails 1

I really like this last photo!




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Zombie 3

Gruesome?! My mission is accomplished then! I didn’t really know where I was going with this theme, so I looked up a couple of tutorials on youtube, where a girl makes it look like she has a nail through her finger. Another one shows how to make it look like your nail has been broken and is about to fall off.  Another image that came up in searches ,was of nails that had been sewn together.  I then bought some cheapo thin fake nails, got together all the blood and bruising coloured polishes, some thin black wire and started to play. I ripped, glued,punched holes, stitched and smeared polish randomly. When looking for a nail or something to puncture with I found I had some rusty old needles in my polish supplies box and what could be more fitting than to have one sticking out of a nail. The colours on my fingers are make up pencils and for once I didn’t try to hide the unsightly scar on my middle finger, but accentuate it. 

Zombie 1


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