Zombie 3

Gruesome?! My mission is accomplished then! I didn’t really know where I was going with this theme, so I looked up a couple of tutorials on youtube, where a girl makes it look like she has a nail through her finger. Another one shows how to make it look like your nail has been broken and is about to fall off.  Another image that came up in searches ,was of nails that had been sewn together.  I then bought some cheapo thin fake nails, got together all the blood and bruising coloured polishes, some thin black wire and started to play. I ripped, glued,punched holes, stitched and smeared polish randomly. When looking for a nail or something to puncture with I found I had some rusty old needles in my polish supplies box and what could be more fitting than to have one sticking out of a nail. The colours on my fingers are make up pencils and for once I didn’t try to hide the unsightly scar on my middle finger, but accentuate it. 

Zombie 1


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31 responses to “Zombies…

  1. This is incredible ! I absolutely love your zombie nails 😀

  2. Awesome!!! I think these are by far THE Best zombie nails I’ve seen!!!

  3. Whoa! Your nails look insanely lifelike, great job!

  4. That is absolutely mortifying in the best way every.Seriously!

  5. These look so realistic! 😀

  6. These are expertly done, fantastic ☼

  7. That’s insane! These look so real, I cringed 😀

  8. Niki T.

    Best zombie nails ever! ❤

  9. Kas

    Love this! More reason to think your art is amazing

  10. badbill

    this is the best I have ever seen, its breath taking. you should work art for the movies.

  11. Donna

    Amazing! (and terrifying!!!)

  12. Sharon Jones

    Zombilicious 🙂
    Jolly awesome.

  13. Those are awesome! The white bands might be a little bright and polished looking for this kind of wrecked look though

  14. Thanks for your comments and positive feedback everyone 🙂

  15. This is so scary!! Great job, they are very convincing 😉

  16. Theses are way awesome. I’m thing of doing zombie this year instead of girly and you have made my day with these nails

  17. Flipping heck. That is incredible.

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  21. chasity

    Omg… please I need the tutorial for these!!!

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