Game Of Thrones…

Next up in the Nerd Challenge is another tv show that I’ve never seen, but it does look visually exciting and to be set in Medieval times or at least with a Medieval feel to it. I did try to paint the Coat of Arms of each family, but painting a tiny little lion just looked crappy. An image that kept popping up in searches was of a wolf, I really liked the one with blood splattered like claw marks across it.


I had already shaped fake nails to echo the shapes of the coat of arms, so these fitted nicely to represent the shape of the claws as well, bonus! First I painted a base of OPI “My Boyfriend Scales Walls” and then sponged Revlon “Silver” (a mid grey) sparingly in small patches over the top and also some white. Next with nail art pen I drew in the wolf and with Revlon “Red” splattered claw marks across it. You might be wondering how did I manage to get the splatter to go where I wanted it??? I know from previous attempts how far the splatter will fall and in some places I’ve extended the jagged blobby line with a fine brush. A few blobs here and there with a dotting tool and I dragged the polish around abit. A thick coat of China Glaze “Fast Forward” and we’re done! Thanks for looking, til next time….poppets…arrrr!

Game Of Thrones



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8 responses to “Game Of Thrones…

  1. This is amazing! Love it 😀

  2. These nails Rock! I have read all the books in this series and have yet to watch the show, but these are spot on

  3. Winter is coming, DEFINITELY.
    Love them, obv.
    I love them dire wolves !

  4. nailcrazy69

    so well done ❤
    can't wait for a next season 😀

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