Goth Mona Lisa…..

I stumbled upon this image by Czech artist Kateřina Stříbrn who goes by the name  zwachnicka on  and really liked it.


Last time I painted Mona Lisa on nails it took me hours and we both ended up cross-eyed and frowning. So I cheated and made a decal on water slide paper that you can photocopy onto. I bought the paper on Ebay, you can get either laser or inkjet paper for whichever printer you have. 

Goth Mona Lisa 1

I did however paint the other three nails and a added a few touches to the nail she is on. I wanted a dark Gothic-ish landscape and based it on the background of the original painting by Leonardo, just using a limited colour range of  black, Color Club “Southwest Sunset” and Ulta 3 “Burnt Orange” and sealed it all with China Glaze “Fast Forward” quick dry top coat.

Goth Mona Lisa 2

Isn’t she lovely? Thanks for looking, I’ll be back in a few days, all these Halloween manis have worn me out! Oh and Happy Halloween to all the people in the States!

I have since made a tutorial on how to paint the background landscape on the other three nails ……


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17 responses to “Goth Mona Lisa…..

  1. are you kidding me right now??????????? AWESOME!

  2. Jennifer

    You’re just amazing!

  3. This is incredible! I love both your Lisas and both your Monas, I actually loved the middle finger design in your first Mona, but this is beyond awesome!

  4. Your nails are always so cool. You are amazing!

  5. This is so unique and creative and stunning and I don’t know any more words to describe how brilliant this is *_*

  6. Kat

    I love this soooo much! You are very creative 🙂

  7. nailcrazy69

    really? from which planet you came… unbelievable, this is too good ❤

    • Ha ha thanks, but really I just copied someone else’s work, who changed someone else’s work and added a bit of landscape!! I have a tutorial for the landscape to show its not that hard to recreate 🙂

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