Come Little Children…

Inspired by the theme “Thriller”, I found this interesting and macabre looking book cover while searching for images.


So finally my dodgy cuticle is nearly healed and I got to paint on my non-dominant hand and not use fake nails! I started with a sideways gradient (starting on the index finger) of OPI “Russian Navy, suede”, China Glaze “Eyes Like Sapphires”, and Tips and Toes “19” which is a pale sky blue. Then white and using the same colours again, but this time going from light to dark and leaving out the OPI on the pinky.

Thriller book cover

I stamped the leaf design withΒ China Glaze “Bahamian Escape” using plate Pueen 55, from the buffet collection. For the decorative arabesque style image I made a stamping decal (on the stamper), using plate QA90, I don’t know who makes these, but I bought mine at Born Pretty. I drew in the black lines with a gel ink pen, no way I can paint that straight and even with a brush! I painted the silhouette of the lady in black acrylic paint, cut the decal into pieces and placed them around her to look like the wrought iron doorway. I noticed after taking the photos that I gave her quite big boobies! All the more children to nuture!


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12 responses to “Come Little Children…

  1. This looks fabulous! Looks just like the book cover too.

  2. Beautiful! Great job as always πŸ™‚

  3. But did you read the book? πŸ˜‰ hahaha Your nails made me want to read it πŸ˜‰

  4. awesome, you left me speechless every time *.*

  5. Very pretty and inspiring as usual! πŸ˜€ xx

  6. Oh, that is macabre as ****, but I love love it.

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