Victorian Era…

IMG_9461 Jack the Ripper

There is a lot of choice for the Victorian Era, but I wanted to show the dark side. So what could be more dark than Jack the Ripper? Since I lost three out of five nails this week, I’ve used fake nails again, but in a different square shape. They are a bit more chunky and don’t sit as flat as the round ones do.

I applied a base of deep blue, Sally Hansen Inst-dry “Blazing Blue”. Over that I stamped the top part of the nail with Color  Club “Worth the Risque”, using plate BM-209. I then stamped over it again with the same plate in the blue, until it was misty looking. On the ring finger I sponged some more “Worth the Risque” so the black silhouette of Jack would stand out.  I painted a skyline, clock tower and Jack in black acrylic paint. Added some lights with touches of Kleancolor “Metallic Yellow”, some more “Worth the Risque” with a fine brush to look like reflections under a bridge.  Then some touches of Revlon Red on Jack’s knife and at his feet to suggest a body. Thanks for looking, I’m hoping to post more often….every second day maybe…..fingers crossed!



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6 responses to “Victorian Era…

  1. Wow you did amazing on these nails! It looks so Victorian 🙂

  2. Okay now, stop it. There are laws against being so awesome. 😛 Great manicure! It reminds me a bit of Starry Night by Van Gogh, and your Ripper is very very creepy…:)

  3. Thank you, agreed it does look like Starry Night and the buildings look like the cypress. I love that painting, maybe I was subconsciously inspired by him!

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