Hunger Games…

Well I haven’t seen the movie or read any of the books, but the story sounds interesting to say the least! I wanted to get away from the fire motive a little and this picture caught my eye.


I like it when I see an image and can visualize how it could work as a nail design. I had in mind a hot pink base and then realized I have an Emily de Molly polish, “Where Boys Fear To Tread”, which is a beautiful pink holographic and untried….shame on me! This polish is gorgeous and opaque in two coats. What a good choice of colour, the holo is really fiery in the sunlight.

Hunger Games sun

When the polish was dry I painted the outline of the bird in watercolour, only because it took quite a few attempts to get it right. Then I painted over it in black polish and washed the watercolour away. I then wiped most of the polish off the brush and twisted the bristles as I dragged it lightly across the other nails. I was happy with the whispy smokey effect that it created. For the flames behind the bird I used a pin dipped in polish and did the same, twisted and dragged. Below is a photo from the lightbox.

Hunger Games lightbox


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15 responses to “Hunger Games…

  1. wow….. its very nice….🙂❤

  2. This looks great, doing these challenges is quite challenging especially when you haven’t seen the show before!

  3. Kattbelly

    You constantly blow me away with your artistry and creativity! I really love seeing your work

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