Emily the Strange…..

Emily the Strange is a character created by Rob Reger for his company Cosmic Debris. The “Emily the Strange” label includes clothing, stationery, stickers, fashion accessories, comics and books. All of the products feature Emily’s distinctive appearance and frequently feature one of her cynical sayings such as “Get Lost,” “Be All You Can’t Be,” or “Wish You Weren’t Here”. (Source Wikepedia.)



I really like Emily as a fashion item, I own quite a few Emily t-shirts and they make me laugh. I love the colours, the way they are drawn, the wit, the whole package. So awhile back I made a decal (using the above image and  waterslide photocopy decal paper)…. thinking I’ll use that one day. Then this week my latest purchase from Messy Mansion arrived, MM27, the fire and ice plate. I spied this badge sitting on my bookcase and thought “oooh nail art!”.


I felt a little guilty buying another Messy Mansion plate when I still have so many unused, so I’m glad inspiration hit and I got to use it sooner rather than later.  I love the retro looking flames and would never have thought to combine black and white in this way….thanks Emily!

Emily the Strange

I’m loving these nails and they just came out of no where, when I had something else planned!! Since I like Emily so much, there definitely will be more Emily themed nails coming in the future.


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11 responses to “Emily the Strange…..

  1. wish you weren’t here? that will be my new motto !

  2. Ha ha Jacqui, I have her t-shirt saying “I WANT YOU….to leave me alone”! With the Uncle Sam war recruit image, but Emily…if you get my drift…ah its late, good night! xx

  3. Amazing nail art!
    I’m an Emily addicted (I think her cat is perfect for tattoes and nails IMHO) so I couldn’t help falling in love with your designs! Cannot wait to see what’s to come 🙂

  4. Fantastic nails! I remind myself of ‘Emily the Strange’ at the minute – I have dark hair with a fringe and my name is Emily! So I guess it’s only right I go out and by some of the products 😉 xx

  5. this is so cool! you really got the Emily the Strange illustration style perfect 😀 love it!

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  7. ClaireNPA

    Coucou Michelle !

    Je ne connaissais pas Emily the Strange. J’ai fait des recherches (merci Wiki) : c’est édité en France. Mais déjà, je ne connais rien à la BD (comics) française. Alors …
    J’ai cherché partout sur Internet le T-shirt “I want you”. J’ai trouvé un site qui le vend ainsi que d’autres T-shirts Emily the Strange. Ils sont très drôles. Je crois que je vais être aussi raisonnable que toi avec la plaque Merry Mansion ha ha.
    Tu as eu raison de la prendre, le motif va tellement bien avec l’image d’Emily. Ces flammes blanches c’est superbe.


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