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Look who’s back?!! Day 1- Red

HELLO OUT THERE! Yes I’m yelling! I’m not even going to mention “slack blogger” and just dive right into today’s post. So it’s September, first day of Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere and first day of ….. the 31 day challenge! Are you thinking how are you going to pull this off Michelle? Yeah…me too! Well perhaps this is the kick that I need to get me back into doing nail art on a regular basis. While I still follow blogs and instagram accounts, I miss posting my own nails and interacting with you guys. There will be some shameless self promotion as I post some of my own polishes.

Over a base of black gel polish, I’ve stamped with Messy Mansion plate “The Bridal Nail 01” on the ring and middle finger using “Hit the Bottle” stamping polish in “Poison Apple”. This colour is not a true red as in tomato colour but more the deep red crimson colour of an apple.

Day 1 red gloss

On the ring finger I made a decal, so I could reverse the design. The other two fingers are stamped using plate JQ-L12 which I think I bought from Aliexpress. I always struggle with high shine top coats…so I dulled the shine with some Satin finish top coat.

red day 1 matte 1

So expect lots of simple manis and for better photos, that bit I’ve always struggled with the most. Okay better post quick before today is not today anymore!


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Hello out there, I love soup! That is one of my favourite lines to explain why I like soup, because it is soup-er! I think Pop Art and Andy Warhol are pretty super too, and the soup can image on Moyou London plate 03 from the Rebel collection is probably the main reason why I bought this plate! So I’m glad to have an excuse to use it for the Sunday (yeah I know its Tuesday!) AIS stamping challenge, which is to stamp with three colours.

cambells soup tins

Here I’ve stamped with Hit the Bottle stamping polishes and made decals by filling in the blank space with a different colour. I’ve stamped with “Blue-tiful”, “Purple Reign”, “In the Limelight” and “Snowed In”. It’s late, I’m tired, back soon ­čÖé



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Day 16 Geometric…

Today I have another mani that has been on my to-do list for awhile. I stamped over a cream base (not the OPI I’m holding) in black using Emily De Molly plate EDM03.

Day 16 geometric 2

Then I filled in some of the shapes using the leadlighting technique and a dotting tool, keeping it simple and only using primary colours. I love these nails and they were so easy to create!


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Come Little Children…

Inspired by the theme “Thriller”, I found this interesting and macabre looking book cover while searching for images.


So finally my dodgy cuticle is nearly healed and I got to paint on my non-dominant hand and not use fake nails! I started with a sideways gradient (starting on the index finger) of OPI “Russian Navy, suede”, China Glaze “Eyes Like Sapphires”, and Tips and Toes “19” which is a pale sky blue. Then white and using the same colours again, but this time going from light to dark and leaving out the OPI on the pinky.

Thriller book cover

I stamped the leaf design with┬áChina Glaze “Bahamian Escape” using plate Pueen 55, from the buffet collection. For the decorative arabesque style image I made a stamping decal (on the stamper), using plate QA90, I don’t know who makes these, but I bought mine at Born Pretty. I drew in the black lines with a gel ink pen, no way I can paint that straight and even with a brush! I painted the silhouette of the lady in black acrylic paint, cut the decal into pieces and placed them around her to look like the wrought iron doorway. I noticed after taking the photos that I gave her quite big boobies! All the more children to nuture!


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Geisha girls…

Today’s nails are inspired by a couple of pictures that I have hanging on my wall. They are printed fabric and I got them at a thrift shop.


I’ve stamped the Japanese writing with Moyou London plate 05, from the Suki collection. On the middle nails I’ve hand painted the ladies. Once outlined in watercolour, I’ve filled in the colours with nail polish.

Geish girls

By chance I was interviewed in another magazine this week. The interview was actually done awhile ago, but only just published. Here is the link if you are interested. Thanks to NailIt! magazine. But really one interview with me says it all! There is a photo of me in fancy dress, what was I thinking sending them that pic?!


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Moyou medley…..

Two prompts rolled into one…it’s late, I’m tired….must post nails….

Firstly Outfit Of The Day is inspired by a t-shirt I own. I posted a photo of it on Instgram if you would like to check it out there.

Japanese pink top

I’ve used Moyou London plates 05 and 06 from the Suki Collection. Over a beige to pink gradient background, I stamped first with Mundo de Unas “Mexican Pink” and then with Color Club “Ms. Socalite” using the same bamboo leaf design. I made a decal with the Geisha image and cream polish. I added a few touches of Japanese writing and sealed it all with China Glaze “Fast Forward” top coat. I will have to actually wear the shirt and nails together!

For the prompt Childhood, I’ve used the top right image on plate 13 from the Princess Collection, which reminds me of sheets or curtains that we had when I was a kid.

Childhood 1

I’ve used the leadlighting technique to thin the polish down and apply it over the stamped design. This is spot on how I can remember some interesting retro designs! Thanks for looking back soon with more Moyou madness!



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Geometric ombre….

Just a quick post today for the theme Geometric. I made these decals a while ago and was trying to make them look like they went from blue to pink, by changing one colour on each nail.

Geometric 1

Although I think they have come out a bit disjointed looking and not the smooth transition of colour that I had in mind. I’ve used Moyou London plate 05 from the Suki Collection┬áto make decals.┬áThe polishes are Kleancolor minis from the Retro City and Techno High box sets.


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St. Basil’s Cathedral…

Well I’m putting Messy Mansion Monday’s on hold since Moyou London are having a stamping challenge for the month of May. For more details check their page on Instgram.


Today the theme is “Red”, which inspires me to use plate 13 from the Tourist Collection. This plate has a full image of St. Basil’s Cathedral in the Red Square, Moscow. I remember going here with my parents when I was a kid, I thought then and still do now what an amazing looking church!!

Red square 3

I have made stamped decals and for the first time have managed to apply them well. I think that the trick might be to paint your nail in clear polish,( I’ve been using Cutex “2 in 1 base coat), then to gently press each decal into the wet polish. To get the decal to sit flat I gently pressed on it with the stamper. No bubbles! Then I added a coat of China Glaze “Fast Forward” to seal it all.

Red square 1

These came out just as I imagined they would, love it when that happens. Here is St. Basil’s in all its glory!






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